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“I Lost 13 Pounds in Two Weeks” – Video Testimonial of Weight Loss Hypnosis Success

Another unconscious mind deserves another High Five!!

Tessa Mercer of Maple Valley, WA has lost 13 pounds in two weeks. Yay! She’s done this after a single (that’s right ONE) session of Mindworks’ blend of hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming expertise.

Watch, listen, and feel free to emulate:

When you focus your mind, magic happens.  Find out for yourself.  The proof of weight loss and other success is in the pudding.  Hypnosis has gotten a “bum rap” in the universe which is so ridiculous and so unwarranted.  It’s you, your mind, your power, your focus on positive changes, that’s what hypnosis is.  Let’s go!

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