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Hypnosis is not a can of peas

Best Seattle hypnosis & NLP servicesHi, there, Hypno-Friends!

I got a lovely client update this morning, that I will be adding to the testimonial pile on the website shortly.   I helped a man dump anxiety, anger, and feelings of low self worth.  He wrote to me that he feels “great, refreshed, full of life.”

He goes on to say to me:  “You are an artist of a person’s mind and soul.”

That email made my morning!

The keyword here is artist.  Yes, Hypnotherapy is absolutely an art form.  Today I want to talk about a misunderstanding that’s out there in the world.  An erroneous idea.  Here it is:  “Hypnosis is a can of peas.”

Peas are peas are peas.  When you open one can it’s pretty much identical to the contents of another can in another brand.  They’re green, they’re round, they’re in a liquid.  They taste like canned peas.  You can buy them at QFC, you can buy them at Safeway, you can buy them at a drugstore.  The price might differ by a few pennies.  You can choose the cheapest peas from the nearest store.  It doesn’t much matter.

A lot of people think hypnosis services are like that.  A commodity that’s all the same.  Might as well pick up those services close to home, or find where it’s cheaper.  Here’s my answer to that.  “If you’re looking for successful change, that’s the wrong approach.”

In Washington State, practicing hypnotherapists are required to get registered with the state in order to do business.  Registration.  Pay a fee, get on the list with the State Department of Health.  There is no “credentialing” done.  No requirement of education or skill set.  The state cares not.  Someone could take an online course or read a book, and put out a shingle and say:  “I’m a hypnotist.”  And so they are.  Just not a good one.  Not a skilled or knowledgeable one.  Not an effective one.

The truth is, as my successful client noticed, hypnosis is a creative art.  And people’s artistic skills vary.   Lots of people paint, but their work is not necessarily worthy of hanging in fine galleries.   Hypnosis and change-work skill sets vary as well.  Skill is based on the quality and quantity of training in which they have participated and absorbed information, of course.    Skill is also directly influenced by a person’s individual qualities, traits, personality, and life experience.   Some people are more creative than others.  Some people are just plain smarter than others.  Some people are more passionate to learn and excel and “be the best” than others.  Some people have a powerful, unshakable belief in the power of hypnosis because they’ve lived that success.  Other people get hired by the chain store, have a couple days “training,” and can read a script at a client.  That chain store, called “Positive Changes” went out of business last year.  Why?  Because they approached this work as something to be mechanized and one-size-fits-all, and they failed to be creative, effective and do the good work.

One of my most successful clients (weight loss) came back to me yesterday after about a year.  She still looks beautiful, and has maintained her weight loss, wanted to work on some other things.  She mentioned that she had gone to Seattle and had hired and worked briefly with two other hypnotists in that interim, figuring that there would be other hypnotists out there “as good as Connie” closer to home.   I asked her how that worked out for her.  Obviously, it hadn’t.  She said:  “I’m back.”  Of course you are, if you want success.

Hypnosis is not a can of peas, and every hypnotherapist has a different skill set.  Michael and I are working to upgrade that skill set in our marketplace.  We created our Private Licensed Vocational School:  Mindworks NLP.  We’re teaching local therapists to be better.  NLP in particular is a conversational, high powered hypnosis, been called “hypnosis on steroids.”  We teach NLP.

I recommend to all potential hypnotherapy clients:  Do your homework.  Ask questions.   Check out any potential hypnotist.  Check out the organizations which they claim certifications from.  Check out their “proof” of success.  Meet them.   Trust your vibe as to finding the real deal, an artist to help you.

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