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Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

Sometimes, the mind allows change to tippy toe in, and it unfolds slow and steady.  And sometimes, the mind agrees to instant change: “OK, let’s do it!”  Boom!  Successful change is dramatic and far reaching.  Patricia F., of Seattle, WA had the fast version of success after we spoke with her unconscious mind.

She had ONE session, that’s it, a single 2 hour session of Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy with me at Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP some weeks ago.  We worked on improving confidence and self esteem.  Here is her report:

“Hi Connie!  My positive attitude has attracted so many positive things and people since the day you changed my life.  I’m doing very well. From the day I left your office, I feel brand new.

I feel so confident. I start conversations with strangers, which is something I couldn’t do before. I was so negative, even when people complimented me, I’d respond negatively. I’ve made so many friends, more than I had in years. Wherever I go, I feel like the center of attention. I have actually lost weight since our session (24 lbs to be exact).  I believe with all the changes people are seeing in me, I will be sending people your way. 

You are and will always be someone I highly regard. Even though you don’t hear it, you probably feel it in your heart, that I thank you on a daily basis and consider you a blessing in my life!  I love you Connie!” –Patricia F, Seattle, WA.

Wow, as they say!

We didn’t work on weight loss, and yet, she’s lost 24 pounds.  We didn’t work on social confidence in particular, and yet, that has grown.  Just goes to show, when you feel good about yourself, life changes all around you.

I could tell you how I help people get the biggest bang for their buck in terms of positive change fast, but that would be revealing my trademarked secrets.  Take my trainings at career school, Mindworks NLP ( and you’ll get some insights.  Suffice it to say, I found the lynch-pin holding negativity in her life.  A limiting belief.  We removed it.  Took all of 1/2 hour.  We didn’t discuss it, or analyze it, we just removed it.  This was an interactive process, and then we cemented in the changes via hypnotherapy.

I love to get letters like the one today from Patricia.  Made my day.  She is a ray of positive energy, of sunshine, and she was all along.  All the negativity and self criticism she was experiencing before was a mistake, an aberration, and had no place in such a lovely lady.

Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm), Seattle's best hypnotherapistAll the Best,

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Clinical Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist
Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®
Originator of Designer Feelings®
Originator of Designer Beliefs®
Design Human Engineer™
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It’s Your Power – Hypnosis!

There was an ice cream parlor of my childhood.  It was called “Farrell’s.”  Their song, their jingle which I still remember: “Farrell’s is fabulous fun for everyone.”  Well, I’m borrowing that tune.  Hypnosis is fabulous fun for everyone!  Yes, it is!  🙂  It’s pleasant.  And it’s useful.  It’s a method to move you into your power.

All the positive changes that happen in hypnosis.  Quitting smoking, losing weight, ending fear, and etc.  That’s your power, not the hypnotist’s power.  I help you find your power and change your thinking, feeling, doing.  That changes everything!

When you find your power, that’s like moving from a cramped basement studio apartment into a palatial penthouse suite.  Or a mansion.  It’s bigger, and nicer.   More fun!  Go for it!

Warm Regards,

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Feel Great and Lose Weight – A Video Testimonial of Success for Connie & Mindworks Hypnosis

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

The printed word is nice.  But a face, and joy…beaming with happy, well that’s an intangible that words may or may not convey adequately.  I have dozens upon dozens of written testimonials on my websites.  Here’s a video testimonial.  Stacy Lenny of Seattle, Washington, is happy.  Why?  She’s changing her life.  And her body.

“I feel like a whole new person!” She says.  Today was her third session with me, covering 2+ weeks on the calendar.  How’s that for quick life change?  She’s lost 5 pounds so far.  That’s significant.  But more significant than that is her new inner state of mind and body that is now propelling her into healthy.  It’s just a matter of time for the body changes.  The “battle” is actually already won.  We’ll get another video from her when her body has reshaped itself as well.

Here’s the description on the Youtube video:

Weight Loss client, Stacy Lenny, shares her happy & success from Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP @  She’s lost 5 pounds so far, however the biggest changes are how she feels and the new healthy habits forming.  Goodbye sugar and donuts and cookies.  Hello healthy eating.  Hello motivation to exercise.   Hello feeling good, about herself!!  You change the mind, and the thinking/feeling, and behaviors change, and the body shape and size follows.  Like Stacy, when you’re tired of useless and ineffective “talk therapies” which she had endured for YEARS, check out NLP for real life change.  Now.  NLP is “hypnosis on steroids.”  Connie and Michael Brannan of Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP are Licensed Trainers of NLP® through the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  They also teach:

Yay, Stacy.  I think she’s beautiful.  Happiness has a shine, does it not?

Warm Regards,

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Workplace Sanity – What this article is not telling you, and you need to know.

Hi, Guys!

We do get a newspaper delivered to our home, but I don’t look at it.  Michael likes the feel of paper, the tactile experience of reading a newspaper.  I get my news on the internet.   Which seems easier to me, more immediate, and doesn’t feed the landfill.

Here’s an article I read today which I’d like to share with you.  It’s good advice.  It’s about how to stay sane in a stressful work environment.  (I’ve had plenty of those over the years, when I worked for other people before I found my life’s calling.)  Here’s the article, on yahoo:  Seven Tips to Stay Sane at Work.

In a nutshell, it’s telling you to adopt specific FEELINGS which assist you in maintaining sanity in the face of stress:  calm, humor, dissassociation (feeling separate), empathy, positivity.  Good feelings.  Wonderful ADVICE.  But HOW to DO all that?  How to create and capture states of mind/body in yourself and use them when you’re not feeling them?

That’s where hypnosis and NLP shine!   Because it’s absolutely true.  Changing how you feel changes how you think and how you experience life, how you interact with others, and what you do behaviorally.  We can all change our lives by feeling how we find it useful to feel.  That’s NLP’s bread and butter.  It’s called anchoring.  Finding the positive state in yourself, growing and expanding it, and then capturing for future use.

The article doesn’t tell you HOW to feel calm.  I can.  How to maintain calm when Joe at work is doing his best to get under your skin.  I can.  We’ll set you those stimulus responses in your body so that they flow automatically.  Where stress used to trigger negative emotions, it won’t.  This is what I do.  And I love it.

If you’ve got stress, and want to FEEL differently, like this article advises, but haven’t a clue how to DO that…let me help.  🙂  And remember, Michael and I are offering an event just for stress release on December 10th called “Banish Holiday Stress.”  You’ll learn anchoring, and more.  More info is here:

Warm Regards,

Connie Brannan, Master Hypnosis & Licensed Trainer of NLP

Connie Brannan, Master Hypnosis & Licensed Trainer of NLP

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