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Choices from The Good Feeling Merchant

Choices.  We all love choices.  At the restaurant, at the candy store (letting my own history show through here), what movie to see, park here or not, etc.  And the big choices, take that job or not, marry this person, or not.  Choices are power.

Did you know that you can choose how you feel?  Did you know that you can control how you feel?  Usually, we trundle through life at the mercy of events and people and situations outside our control.  And we feel bad.  Or good.  When you feel a certain way, you act a certain way, and life unfolds.  But did you know, you can choose how you feel!

We offer something very special at Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.  I call it:  Designer Feelings®.  These are custom-made states of mind/body to accelerate success.  Any success.  Any situation.  Confidence instead of fear.  Feeling social instead of reclusive.  Feeling calm instead of anxious.  Feeling motivated rather than “blah, do it later.”  Feeling happy instead of gloomy.  Feeling energized instead of tired.  Feeling free instead of restricted.  And so on.  What’s your good feeling, we’ll create it.  And teach your subconscious mind to activate it where it’s useful to feel that way.  We automate these new feelings in the times/places you specify.

In addition, since “control” is a beautiful word at Mindworks Hypnosis, we give you control, we give you a switch to change how you feel on demand.   And it lasts forever.  How cool is that?

Find out more anytime.  We do offer a free in office consultation meeting.  Michael or I will meet with you and answer any questions and explain the services.  Call us today and get your good feelings going.  I sometimes call myself “the good feeling merchant.”

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