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An End to Sugar Frenzy with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP — Food Speaks

What if that cookie, cake, or box of chocolate had a voice of it’s own? How would they feel about HEALTHY EATING?  Find out with our just for fun videos!


One Happy Donut Speaks!

This Donut, however, is Glazed with Anger.

A Not So Happy Cake Speaks!

Why is this Cookie Out of Work?

And Couch Potato Chimes In.

“I feel like a Leper!” Says this Box of Chocolates.

Cupcake wonders:  “Am I Invisible?”  Could be.

See all of our Youtube Videos Here.

When you’re ready for change, we’re ready for you!  🙂  Call us for a FREE private in-office consultation. Clinical Hypnotherapists,  Connie & Michael Brannan, CHts and Licensed Trainers of NLP ®

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More Weight Loss Success: “The Halloween candy was not an issue.”

Hypnosis ends sugar cravings
Hypnosis ends sugar cravings.

Carol Jones, of the Seattle area, reports ongoing weight loss success from our Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy™ sessions. She’s down 8 pounds so far and counting! The sugar holiday deluxe, Halloween, did not faze her.

Here’s an excerpt from her happy report:

“Connie, Things are going well. I have lost 8 pounds so far.  Halloween was not an issue with the candy…  and I enjoyed our sessions.  Thank you!” – Carol Jones

When you get your mind focused, you have more power than you know.  Carol is discovering this fact.  Hypnosis = empowerment.  Goodbye, sugar cravings!

If you went a little crazy with the Halloween candy, now is a good time to get your self back into healthy eating mode and shed those extra pounds.  Call us at (425) 564-8608 to find out more.  We offer a free, private, in-office consultation.

All the Best,

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Hypnosis Works for a New Mind Set for Weight Loss and Healthy Living

Hypnosis works for weight loss, Seattle
Right on!

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

What’s your weight loss goal? Is it a number on a scale, or is it an improved way of being, a new mindset, a new healthy outlook, a new energy? This reminder on the scale was created by a brilliant young mind, age 13. And, as I know to be true, feeling better about yourself leads to the numbers on the scale going down, down, down.

Here’s the message, which I think is massively inspirational and should be taken to heart.

“It’s just a number…REALLY.

This number on this scale will NOT tell you:

* What a great person you are
* how many people love you and how much
* That you are kind, smart, funny, and amazing in ways numbers cannot define
* That you have power to choose happiness.
* Your own self-worth
* how beautiful you are

You are more than a number.”

When you’re ready for a healthy change, hypnotherapy helps.  I did hypnotize this little girl for healthy eating awhile ago.  She’s in the right mindset for success.  You can join her there anytime.

Warm Regards,


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Hypnosis for Weight Loss – Another Client Success Video Testimonial

Real people, real success!
Real people, real success!

Hi, Seattle Area Hypno-Friends!

One of your own has spoken!  Storm Hofferbert of Redmond, WA has begun her hypnosis weight loss journey.  And unlike previous attempts to lose weight:   “It’s effortless!”

Here’s her progress report after two sessions, and the healthy changes she is noticing.  “I don’t have to try, or try harder…I just don’t think about it.”   Not interested in sweets.  More energy.  No emotional eating.  And other nice changes.

When you change your thinking, you change habits, they become new healthy habits.  This isn’t a diet. This is life change.  She’s excited with the changes.  So can you be.

We do offer a free in office consultation.  We’re happy to meet with you and explain our “Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy.”  This is not your run-of-the-mine hypnosis offered elsewhere in Seattle, it’s something unique.  And in my opinion, and in the opinions of the 160+ testimonials shared on our website, it’s more successful.  Find out anytime!

Warm Regards,

Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP
4-time winner of the “Best of Bellevue” Weight Loss and Control Program award.

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It’s a Weighty Issue, Part III: Let’s Get Moving

Motivation to Exercise with Hypnosis
Motivation to Exercise with Hypnosis

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

I hope your New Year’s Resolutions are happening for you.  The most common one I’ve been hearing and helping with is “I’ve got to lose weight!”  My weight loss clients tell me: “I want to get moving! I need to get moving!”

Beyond food choice and portion control, motivation to exercise is high up on the list of changes desired for weight management. “Let’s get physical, physical! I wanna get physical …” That song with its driving beat makes me think of movement. Working out.  Active life. Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy is a way to make it happen.

Patterns and habits are learned. And, if they don’t serve us, they can be re-learned differently, in ways that help.

The “magic” of NLP is, simply put: We can attach new feelings to any activity. What would it be like to be full of energy and motivation to exercise? What if exercise became something wonderful and pleasurable and eagerly anticipated? What if your mind simply said: “This is who I am and this is what I do”? Do you suppose it would be easier to increase your physical activity level?

Here’s one unwanted pattern that I often see with clients:  couch potato. Are you one? That’s a person who has developed a habit of sitting around, watching TV or surfing the web, with a body at rest for hours at a stretch. Oftentimes, this is coupled with mindless eating. That’s a sure fire formula for obesity.

With hypnosis and NLP, we can change “I’m too lazy” and couch-potato habits into a new mindset about exercise. A new mindset leads to new behaviors. In our work, we create and install new, useful mindsets for exercise. Here are some examples:

–I love it. It’s fun.


–It’s my routine. It’s just who I am and what I do.


–I have to. (a sense of urgency and necessity)


A combination of any of the above.

New beliefs go with the new mindset:

–I’m an active person. I’m a healthy person. I have energy. I make the time to be physically active, as this is something wonderful for me. This is “me” time. I deserve healthy.

And new behaviors emerge:

I go to the gym. I go for walks. I find the time. I look for opportunities for movement, taking the stairs rather than the elevator, parking a little further from the store front, and so on.

Hypnosis (and in that word I include NLP) is a way to change your thinking and feeling and behaviors and beliefs to become who you want to be. It really is endlessly fascinating work as every person is different and their desires , beliefs and motivations are different. The game and the fun is finding what will work with each individual and installing those changes. This is why I often say hypnosis is an art form as much as it is a science.

Everyone on the planet knows how to lose weight. It’s a very simple and well-documented formula. Eat less, make healthy choices, and be more active. What stops you? We find out and we address those things and create new habits. The power of hypnosis and NLP is that they are tools that encourage new healthy behaviors, and help people automate those choices.

Motivation to be active physically is just one piece of this puzzle, within a larger framework of healthy changes.  Whatever needs tweaking, we go for it!  For more insight into the power of Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy for weight loss, here are two previous essays I’ve written for this series, one on food choice, and one on portion control.

Warm Regards,

You can also find out more general information of the successes to be had with these mind technologies of hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming here:

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Body Image Reality Check

Model after photo shop.
Model after photo shop digital manipulation.

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

There’s an expression:  the camera doesn’t lie.  I maintain that, yes, it does!  I found this video being shared on the internet the other day.  It shows a model’s before and after pic.  Before, how she really looks in her photo shoot, and after photoshop digital manipulation of the image.

This video from 2012 has recently gone “viral” as they say, with millions of new views.  A mom showed it to her daughter to make her aware that the glamour and fashion industry’s images we are bombarded with daily are not REAL bodies.  And she shared it on the internet.

Here’s the video:

Wow.  Longer hair, mouth enlarged, eyes enlarged, legs, arms, neck lengthened, sizes removed, butt contoured, skin color changed…I guess the photo-shopper found NOTHING attractive about this woman to begin with?

This is part of the battle we face in weight management hypnotherapy work as well.  So many women come in my door toting a sense of “not good enough” and a very negative self image and inner barrage of negative self talk.  This originates from a skewed view of what is “beautiful” and “normal” based on, well… lies.  Images such as this create an impossible unattainable “perfection” that no human body can meet.

Part of the client weight loss work I do deals with the nitty gritty of portions, food choice, emotional eating, motivation to exercise and so on.  An equally important item that needs addressing is self image, and the release of crazy unrealistic inadequacies that may have been implanted by the fashion industry.

I invite you to take a look at this video and ask yourself a question.  Which woman do you find more appealing?  More normal?  The real woman, or the digital creation?  I opt for the real woman.

Warm Regards,

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Are You a Couch Potato?

Are you a couch potato?
Hypnosis to get motivated and get moving!

Are you a couch potato?  If so, you can choose something different for yourself anytime you want to.  Try on some motivation to exercise!  Try on some healthy changes in your eating habits.  Try on getting fit!!  What would it be like if you felt a joy AND a motivation to exercise?

It’s doable.  Michael and I can help!  We’ve been awarded “Best of Bellevue 2013” (following similar awards for 2011 and 2012) for Weight Loss and Control Program.  There’s a reason for this.  Scores of reasons, and you can see them here— Seattle area people who have used our services and been successful with weight loss.

Here’s our fun couch potato video.  Check it out!  🙂

When you’re ready to discover a new level of fitness and health for yourself, call us.  We’re happy to offer you a free in office meeting to explain what hypnosis really is, and what NLP is and how well they work.

Warm Regards,

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Healthy Eating Hypnosis – From the Perspective of one Happy Donut!

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

Here is another fun video from the mind of Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP. Michael and I have had numerous trainings, including a current go-round of improvisational comedy/acting classes. We’re stretching our quick-mindedness and creativity, useful tools for a hypnotist (and anyone). One exercise in improv class is called “narrative collage.” You take on various viewpoints of different players in a scene to tell a story.

Here is the story of healthy eating, as seen by Ms. Donut.


Warm Regards,

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Taking Control: Weight Loss Success Testimonial

Pam Fox of Gig Harbor has taken control of her habits. After two hypnosis and NLP sessions with Mindworks Hypnosis devoted to healthy eating and weight management, she reports positive changes.  Goodbye overeating and late night eating. Hello portion control and an automatic adjustment in how much and when she eats or even thinks about food. Yay! Good job, Pam.

This is the power of the unconscious mind to help.  A “diet” is a conscious minded thing and very limited and difficult to sustain long term.  With skilled hypnotherapy, changing your mind and your habits feels so easy and natural.  Because it is.

Pam says she’s “thrilled.”  So am I.  With hypnosis.

Warm Regards,

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Healthy Habits and Healthy Choices – With Hypnosis

Hypnosis for healthy eating & weight loss.

This pic is funny, but so so true! 🙂 A banana, or a twinkie? We all KNOW what healthy eating is, it’s the implementation that people find difficult. That’s where hypnosis comes in.  Call us to find out more about the power of your mind for positive changes.  Seattle area’s Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP are the weight management specialists!  Our office is located in the Beautiful Bellefield Office Park in Bellevue.  (425) 564-8608.

Warm Regards,

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Know Thy Enemy – the Little Discussed Other Problems Caused by Overweight

Hypnosis Helps with Weight Loss

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

Just in time for New Year’s Resolutions, obesity is in the news!  In short, more about what we all know:  it’s not healthy to be carrying around all this extra poundage on the body.  If you are struggling with this issue, perhaps you are blinding yourself to HOW unhealthy.  It’s a killer.

Here’s an interesting article from the Associated Press today, expressing how ignorant the general public is about the health risks of overweight.  See below.

What they aren’t saying, and SHOULD be headline news, is the fact that hypnosis is a fantabulous way to address overweight.  A REAL solution.  A lasting help.  Not ridiculous crap like bariatric surgeries.  We don’t want to get me started on that idiocy again… I’ve already shared my opinions about that here in the blog.

Here’s the article from the AP:

“Few Americans know all the risks of obesity  – by LAURAN NEERGAARD and JENNIFER AGIESTA |

WASHINGTON (AP) — Heart disease and diabetes get all the attention, but what about the many other ways obesity can damage your health?

Carrying too many pounds may lead to or worsen some types of cancer, arthritis, sleep apnea, even infertility. But a new poll suggests few Americans realize the links.

Only about one-quarter of people think it’s possible for someone to be very overweight and still be healthy, according to the poll by The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

Ask about the most serious consequences, and more than 7 in 10 Americans can correctly tick off heart disease and diabetes. Heart disease is the nation’s leading killer, and diabetes and obesity are twin epidemics.

The other consequences aren’t so well known.

“People are often shocked to hear how far-reaching the effects of obesity are,” said Jennifer Dimitriou, a dietitian at New York’s Montefiore Medical Center.

Just 7 percent of people surveyed mentioned cancer, although doctors long have known that fat increases the risk of developing cancers of the colon, breast, prostate, uterus and certain other sites. Plus, being overweight can make it harder to spot tumors early and to treat them.

Then there’s the toll on your joints, especially the knees. About 15 percent of people knew obesity can contribute to arthritis.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol and strokes were fairly low on the list. Infertility didn’t get a mention.

Also, 5 percent put respiratory problems on the list. Studies show people who are overweight are at increased risk of sleep apnea and asthma, and that dropping pounds can help improve their symptoms.

Knowing more about the myriad ways obesity affects health could help motivate people to get more active and eat better before full-blown disease strikes, Dimitriou said.”

Best of Bellevue 2012- two years running!! - Mindworks Hypnosis
Best of Bellevue 2012- two years running!! – Mindworks Hypnosis

I absolutely agree.  Anything that will tip the scales (pun) to get someone to take action on getting healthy is a good thing.  When you’re ready, here’s a reminder:  I’ve won awards for my weight loss hypnotherapeutic help:  Best of Bellevue 2011 and Best of Bellevue 2012 for “Weight Loss and Control Programs.”  This award was received from the US Commerce Commission.  I’m proud of it.

If you’d like me to help you get some healthy, call!!  My office number is (425) 564-8608.  Face to face, person to person, one on one, I’ll customize mental shifts for you that will help you slenderize.  When you’re ready to live a lighter life, so am I to help you!

Warm Regards,


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Goodbye Sugar Cravings!

End the sweets cravings – with Seattle’s Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.

Goodbye, sugar cravings.  This is a tempting time of year, isn’t it?  Halloween treats, holiday parties, family baking…  If you’d like to take control of your sweets cravings and evaporate them, there is a good way.  It’s called HYPNOSIS!

I helped Brian with just this thing, and here’s his results:

“Hello Mind Transforming Wizard!

Connie,  You’re again amazing. The small tune up was just want I needed. …after a while I just didn’t ever crave sweets and frankly I just ignore them all together. It’s crazy, I just pass them by.

Cheers! and here’s to the good life.”

Yay, for success!  That’s what it’s all about.  This isn’t touchy feely counseling talk talk talk about your problems, this is CHANGE THEM.  Now.  We can and we do.  If you want skilled help, just ask!

Warm Regards,


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“I Lost 13 Pounds in Two Weeks” – Video Testimonial of Weight Loss Hypnosis Success

Another unconscious mind deserves another High Five!!

Tessa Mercer of Maple Valley, WA has lost 13 pounds in two weeks. Yay! She’s done this after a single (that’s right ONE) session of Mindworks’ blend of hypnotherapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming expertise.

Watch, listen, and feel free to emulate:

When you focus your mind, magic happens.  Find out for yourself.  The proof of weight loss and other success is in the pudding.  Hypnosis has gotten a “bum rap” in the universe which is so ridiculous and so unwarranted.  It’s you, your mind, your power, your focus on positive changes, that’s what hypnosis is.  Let’s go!

Warm Regards,

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“There’s Room for One More, Honey!”

Once again, I’ll be teaching self hypnosis at Bellevue College’s Continuing Education program.  Next go-round begins Monday, March 7th!  There’s room for one more, honey!  (How many of you remember the twilight zone episode which featured that line?  Difference is, this is a terrific thing, not a premonition of doom thing.)  You can still sign up.  Here:

The focus of this two evening course is “Healthy Hypnosis–Let Go of Weight.”  I know whereof I speak here.  I did.  You can.  Learn how.  Do it.  I’ve successfully used hypnosis (and NLP–a high tech hypnosis) to let go of 75+ pounds.  For those of you who may be new to my blog and my story, lookie here.  This was me, and this is me.

Before and after hypnosis works for weight loss.The proof is in the pudding, and your body and mind and LIFE and energy are the pudding.  Who wants to get cookin’ on this with me?  These tools work.

Here’s to a happy and healthy new you, beginning now.  (Or, Monday!)

Warm Regards,

Get Tranced!