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More Weight Loss Success: “The Halloween candy was not an issue.”

Hypnosis ends sugar cravings
Hypnosis ends sugar cravings.

Carol Jones, of the Seattle area, reports ongoing weight loss success from our Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy™ sessions. She’s down 8 pounds so far and counting! The sugar holiday deluxe, Halloween, did not faze her.

Here’s an excerpt from her happy report:

“Connie, Things are going well. I have lost 8 pounds so far.  Halloween was not an issue with the candy…  and I enjoyed our sessions.  Thank you!” – Carol Jones

When you get your mind focused, you have more power than you know.  Carol is discovering this fact.  Hypnosis = empowerment.  Goodbye, sugar cravings!

If you went a little crazy with the Halloween candy, now is a good time to get your self back into healthy eating mode and shed those extra pounds.  Call us at (425) 564-8608 to find out more.  We offer a free, private, in-office consultation.

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