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Sugar Addiction into Sugar Indifference? Lose Weight with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP Seattle

Conquer New Worlds of Weight Loss Success
Conquer New Worlds of Weight Loss Success

Hello, Seattle Area & Beyond Hypnosis Curious & Enthusiastic!

What if personal control and change were easy? What if it were possible to turn “addiction” into “indifference.”  It is!  With the right tools.  When you get your conscious mind and UNconscious mind working together on a project, success is easy.

It’s Halloween week, and we all know what THAT means!  Candy everywhere, treats, at the office, leftovers at home, the kids piles of candy, candy clearance bins at the market, and etc. and etc.  If sugar is one of your temptations, you can make it be different.  You can make it be IN-different.  We can turn that “addiction” into sugar indifference!  How would you like to say:  “No thank you, not right now!  Not interested.” and mean it?!  That would be preferable to “Gimme, gimme, gimme!”, wouldn’t it, if achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is one of your goals.

Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP offers private sessions custom crafted with a unique skill set of Neuro-Linguistic Programming and creative hypnotherapy. We have won several awards as “Best of Bellevue” for weight loss and control program.

Call me and find out more, we can set up a free in office consultation meeting.

Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm), Seattle's best hypnotherapistAll the Best,

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More Weight Loss Success: “The Halloween candy was not an issue.”

Hypnosis ends sugar cravings
Hypnosis ends sugar cravings.

Carol Jones, of the Seattle area, reports ongoing weight loss success from our Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy™ sessions. She’s down 8 pounds so far and counting! The sugar holiday deluxe, Halloween, did not faze her.

Here’s an excerpt from her happy report:

“Connie, Things are going well. I have lost 8 pounds so far.  Halloween was not an issue with the candy…  and I enjoyed our sessions.  Thank you!” – Carol Jones

When you get your mind focused, you have more power than you know.  Carol is discovering this fact.  Hypnosis = empowerment.  Goodbye, sugar cravings!

If you went a little crazy with the Halloween candy, now is a good time to get your self back into healthy eating mode and shed those extra pounds.  Call us at (425) 564-8608 to find out more.  We offer a free, private, in-office consultation.

All the Best,

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Ending Sugar Addiction with Hypnosis – As Told by Chocolate

I’m having fun with my “narrative collage” videos.  Here’s another.  This is how I imagine a box of chocolates would feel after discovering that her people have a new and powerful focus on healthy eating.

Truth be told, hypnosis is a fantastic methodology to end the sugar cravings, the sugar urges, the sugar “addiction.”  How would you rather feel about sweets?  We can enact those changes.  That’s where NLP shines!

I offer free consults to those that are serious and interested.  If sugar has you by the throat, we can loosen it’s hold.  Find out more:

Warm Regards,

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“I don’t crave ice cream at all now. I am in shock!!!”

Hi, Hypno Friends!

I received some more feedback today, another happy testimonial from another happy client.  She had come in for help with weight loss.   Here’s what she had to say about her ice cream and chocolate cravings after experiencing a single session of Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy with me:

“I don’t crave ice cream at all now!  Or chocolate.  I am in shock!!!”  She goes on to explain how people around her are noticing the positive difference in her.  “I’m smiling all the time.  People think that I am in love!  But I am not!  Absolutely not in love, I just feel GREAT.  I believe that it’s the hypnosis!!” Saliha B., Issaquah, WA.

She’s right!  What I’m hoping people can learn from this is that hypnosis helps.  Not just in re-shaping and sculpting the body, but in changing your life.  When the positive changes start rolling, it affects everything, reaches fingers into everything.  It’s about changing your very experience of life, not only improving how you look, but improving how you feel, and how you think, and what you do all at the same time.  Improving your outlook, your energy, your confidence.  Your healthy and happy.  All good.

Saliha IS in love, by the way.  With herself.  That’s the difference.  When you feel good about yourself, you make better choices. We custom blended a new feeling for her, a mixture of confident, happy, optimistic and healthy.  Feeling that way changed everything for her.

Do you want a taste of happy like Saliha?  It’s so much more palatable than chocolate.  Hypnosis works for weight management.  Call me.  Connie:  (425) 564-8608.

Warm Regards,