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Are You a Couch Potato?

Are you a couch potato?
Hypnosis to get motivated and get moving!

Are you a couch potato?  If so, you can choose something different for yourself anytime you want to.  Try on some motivation to exercise!  Try on some healthy changes in your eating habits.  Try on getting fit!!  What would it be like if you felt a joy AND a motivation to exercise?

It’s doable.  Michael and I can help!  We’ve been awarded “Best of Bellevue 2013” (following similar awards for 2011 and 2012) for Weight Loss and Control Program.  There’s a reason for this.  Scores of reasons, and you can see them here— Seattle area people who have used our services and been successful with weight loss.

Here’s our fun couch potato video.  Check it out!  🙂

When you’re ready to discover a new level of fitness and health for yourself, call us.  We’re happy to offer you a free in office meeting to explain what hypnosis really is, and what NLP is and how well they work.

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