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The Guilt is Gone

Healthy eating with Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP
Take control of the dinner plate!  You have a world of choices.

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Here is the story of a recent weight loss client.  She wanted to pursue her goal of a healthy weight, but something was stopping her.  Her husband’s favorite dinner was pizza, and she found herself eating it often and more of it than she wanted to.  He wanted quick and easy.  She wanted more healthy choices.  Dilemma!

She told me that she felt GUILT about preparing and cooking the foods appropriate for her diet, because she had a belief that her husband wouldn’t like the food, wouldn’t want to eat the food, and would be unhappy.

This guilt was a stopper from her successfully pursuing her goal of a healthy weight.  Although the guilt (and resultant act of putting other people first) had been a part of her for her entire life, she agreed that it was useless and nonproductive to her goals.

So, we got rid of her guilt.  That’s what skilled and creative hypnosis and NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, can do.  Gone.  Deleted.

Suddenly, she had the focus and self-care needed to eat healthy.  And, to her surprise, she found that her husband was happy about it all, and actually LIKED the healthy meals she prepared.

This idea in the mind (“hubby won’t like it) and the resultant bad feeling (guilt) was in the way of her success.  We address everything in our Mindworks Hypnosis NLP sessions.  When the goal is weight loss, we don’t only delve into food choice and portion control and emotional eating and the like, we also delve into belief.  After our work, she has a new belief set, a new focus, a new energy, and a new, improved self-image:

“I’m important!  I’m worthy of healthy, and my hubby will support me because he loves me.  So, I’m doing what I have to do for my health.  And he will reap the benefits as well.”

At Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP, we do what it takes to help.  And every client is different with different habits and patterns of thinking.  Every session is different, as well.  We work it.

This weight loss client is referring her friends to me.  One had gone the route of gastric surgery to manage her weight, and it was not successful.  Not good.  People have more control than they know—we just find it and bring it out for success.  Learn more anytime:

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