Claustrophobia Transformed into Freedom – With Neuro Linguistic Programming

Claustrophobia ended – With Mindworks Hypnosis

Claustrophobia is a fear of confined spaces.  It can happen in a variety of places, including airplanes, elevators, cars, etc.  I had a client with all of the above, plus one I had not heard before:  car washes.  Fear is such an unnecessary and easily fixable limitation on living.

Pam of Gig Harbor had a single session with me, and her follow up was immediate.  Yes, changes with hypnotherapy and NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming are immediate, when done right.  Pam felt comfortable enough to get inside that car inside a car wash the day after our session.  She says:

“Hi Connie, I am excited to share and say thank you.  🙂  I went through the car wash yesterday for the first time in ages! …once I entered I was fine and even wondered what was “the big deal?”  Thank you thank you, thank you.  Wishing you an outstanding day!”  — Pam Fox, Gig Harbor, WA.

That’s right.  Now Pam is free to comfortably do all the things she could not before, involving constricted spaces.  Way to go, Pam!

What are you afraid of? When you get tired of being and doing that, let me know. Skilled hypnosis works! Unfortunately, in Washington State there is no credentialing for hypnotherapy services, and any bozo can open up a shingle and “pretend” to do this work. It’s very much a buyer beware market. That’s one of the reasons I share real people with real success: Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP clients.

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