Quit Smoking Success! Two Years and Counting and Still a Non-Smoker: Client Video Testimonial

Laurie Adams of SeaTac, WA.  A real client, a real success story.

Laurie Adams of SeaTac, WA. A real client, a real success story.

This is the story of Laurie Adams.  40 years a smoker. A consistent smoker.  Now, that’s a “habit.” Fortunately, hypnosis is stronger and more powerful than any habit.

Two years ago, in April of 2012, Laurie came into my office at the prompting and personal recommendation of her physician.  She wanted to quit smoking.  She did just that.  It took all of two Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy sessions.  Two sessions!  To break a 40-year habit!

That’s power.  That’s success.  What’s even more “proof of the pudding,” it’s been two years now, and Laurie is STILL a non-smoker.  Going strong, and healthy.

If you think you’re beyond help, think again.  Think of something you haven’t tried.  Yet. That’s skilled hypnotherapy.  The power of the mind is greater than you think, and when these tools and techniques are artfully applied, well, magic happens.  I know it to be true.  And so does Laurie.

Here’s her video testimonial:

Good job, Laurie!  Here’s to the next 20 years and beyond, also as a non-smoker.

Warm Regards,


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Claustrophobia Transformed into Freedom – With Neuro Linguistic Programming

Claustrophobia ended – With Mindworks Hypnosis

Claustrophobia is a fear of confined spaces.  It can happen in a variety of places, including airplanes, elevators, cars, etc.  I had a client with all of the above, plus one I had not heard before:  car washes.  Fear is such an unnecessary and easily fixable limitation on living.

Pam of Gig Harbor had a single session with me, and her follow up was immediate.  Yes, changes with hypnotherapy and NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming are immediate, when done right.  Pam felt comfortable enough to get inside that car inside a car wash the day after our session.  She says:

“Hi Connie, I am excited to share and say thank you.  🙂  I went through the car wash yesterday for the first time in ages! …once I entered I was fine and even wondered what was “the big deal?”  Thank you thank you, thank you.  Wishing you an outstanding day!”  — Pam Fox, Gig Harbor, WA.

That’s right.  Now Pam is free to comfortably do all the things she could not before, involving constricted spaces.  Way to go, Pam!

What are you afraid of? When you get tired of being and doing that, let me know. Skilled hypnosis works! Unfortunately, in Washington State there is no credentialing for hypnotherapy services, and any bozo can open up a shingle and “pretend” to do this work. It’s very much a buyer beware market. That’s one of the reasons I share real people with real success: Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP clients.

Warm Regards,


Get Tranced!


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Seattle Hypnosis!

Discover your potential, with Seattle’s best Hypnosis: Mindworks!

Live… like someone left the gate open.

Enthusiasm for life, passion, joy, freedom.  Fun!

Modeling excellence, it’s so very do-able.  NLP is the tool that enables us to do what others can do.  NLP is about creating states of mind and body that serve us and advance us towards our goals.
If you’d like to learn more, Michael and I teach NLP–we are two of approximately 40 Licensed Trainers of Neuro Linguistic Programming (registered trademark) in the entirety of the United States.  If you’d like guided personal transformation, well, that’s what I use NLP for in my office one on one with clients.  And, as my clients attest, I’m damn good at it.The office number is (425) 564-8608.  🙂  How would you like to experience life?  We can do that.  Call me to learn more and/or come in for a free in person office consultation to learn more.

Warm Regards,
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Fear of Driving Ended with Seattle’s Best Hypnosis: Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.

She’s Joy-Riding Now. And Joy-Driving!!

http://www.mindworkshypnosis.net  More evidence in support of NLP and Hypnosis success as offered up by Seattle’s Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.  Joy Epstein, of Sun City, AZ had a paralyzing fear of driving, with panic attacks.  That’s over.  She shares her emotion over the positive changes in her life through her work with Connie Brannan of Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.  She’s Joy-Riding now, and Joy-Driving.  Mindworks is the most effective results-oriented hypnotherapy in Seattle for your life success.  Call us to learn more:  (425) 564-8608.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNsF6-gfOiQ

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The Secret to Successful Slender – Mindworks Hypnosis

Feel Great and Lose Weight!

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

When you reach your ideal weight, what will be different in your life? My clients often respond to this question with feelings. “I’ll feel happy. I’ll feel healthy, more energy. Proud of myself. Accomplished. Sexy. I’ll feel super fantastic. I’ll feel in control of my life.” Yay!! Terrific. Those are all wonderful feelings.

So, shall I share with you the secret to successful weight loss? I’ve lived it, and so are my clients. It’s why I’ve been named “Best of Bellevue” two years running for Weight Loss and Control Programs. OK, you twisted my arm. 🙂 My clients, and people in general believe that you FIRST have to achieve the goal to feel the satisfaction and other good feelings of achieving the goal. Wrong!

Here’s the secret. The simplest weight loss tip of all: Feel good first! Then your body changes.

So simple. So elegant. So powerful. You adopt the good feelings that the successful completion of your goal will bring you, and you enjoy those good feeling in the now. That changes everything. When you change how you feel, you change how you think, and you change your behaviors. All these positive, good-feeling changes lead to changes in habits, and ultimately changes in the size, and shape of your body.

If you’re feeling energetic, sexy, and healthy, do you want that cupcake? The cupcake doesn’t bring you happy. You’re already happy. Goodbye, emotional eating (a huge problem for a majority of people with weight issues).

My teacher, Dr. Richard Bandler, put it succinctly. “Good feelings. Good decisions. Bad feelings. Bad decisions.” That is so right on! So, what I do with weight loss clients is attach them to the good feelings now. Their own healthy decisions roll from there.

Here’s where hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (a conversational hypnosis) are powerful helpers. These are methodologies which make it so quick and easy to create useful states of mind and body at will. Emotional states or feelings such as happy, healthy, accomplishment, control. We create them, and we attach them to situations where they become useful. That’s what I do. I custom design and blend new appropriate feelings the way you might have a shade of paint for your living room custom blended. I create shades of emotion that are desirable and useful. And then I paint your life with them.

So, yes, this works for weight loss. And so much more. Say you have an unwanted state of mind and body called fear. A phobia. If the phobia was gone how would you be feeling? Calm, safe, clear minded, and free. Ok. Voila. We create calm, safe, clear minded, and free. And using various creative processes we attach that to the context which used to contain fear. Fear evaporates.

Hypnosis is good stuff. As always, you can learn more about these tools at http://www.mindworkshypnosis.net.

Warm Regards,

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Added – An Events Page

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

Here are the up-to-the-moment scheduled “doings” of Mindworks Hypnosis and NLP.  EVENTS!  Check this space for upcoming trainings, public appearances, and seminar/workshops.  Fun stuff.

The current info can be accessed any time from the menu bar at the top of this blog.  I hope you’ll join me and Michael for any or all of our events.  We love what we do, and we have a committment to furthering the good word on hypnosis and NLP.  This is us, out in the world, doing just that.

Our World Hypnotism Day event happens 1/28/12 at the Coast Hotel.  Michael and I will both be presenting talks.  It’s FREE!  Mindworks Hypnosis is a sponsor of this event, and it’s part of a larger gathering of hypnotists who are affiliated with the NGHWA (National Guild of Hypnotists, Washington State Chapter) and sharing information to the general public about what we do.  Please join us!

Warm Regards,

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Another Happy Camper! (Weight loss client.)

Hi, Guys!

C. L. of Kirkland, Washington is a weight loss client of mine.  Today she gave me a lovely report of her continuing success.  She’s let go of weight, pumped up the exercise, is making healthier choices, is sleeping better, and in general feeling better in her own skin and her own life.  She says:

“I feel so empowered!  I feel like I’m in charge of my choices now, rather than following whims or food cravings.”

Right on!  It’s about power.  Yours.  Your unconscious mind is amazingly resourceful and can create a new body for you, new habits, new behaviors–once you communicate with it in the right way.  That’s where I come in, with my hypnosis & NLP expertise.

Most people pack on a few extra pounds during the holidays what with parties, and goodies, and family functions starting with the feeding fest known as Thanksgiving.   It doesn’t have to be a fattening time of year.  Are you interested in losing weight during the holidays??  Yes, it’s absolutely do-able.  Find out how.  http://www.loseweightseattle.com

Warm Regards,

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The Art of Strategic Change

Hi, Guys!  I have a riddle for you!  🙂

What does a military strategist and a skilled NLP change worker have in common?  Answer:  A LOT!!

Here’s my goal in the work I do with clients:  strategic change, elegant change, fast change, helping clients get the most bang for the buck, finding the key strongholds of the problem, and taking them out in strategic, rapid fire sequence.  Using imagination, strategy, and fire power to win “the war” against the issue at hand.

My “strategic change” blitzkrieg is a different approach than  traditional “talk therapy” counselors.  They’re all about discussion, about rolling around in the muck, accentuating and revivifying negative thoughts and emotions over and over  and feeling bad.  Metaphor:  A counselor would want to figure out WHY an unwashed person smells so bad, uncover the origins and chemistry of body odor and what the person did to create it, whereas I would say:  You smell bad.  Take a shower.  And I’d show them the shower, and even turn it on for them.

Pig rolling in mud.

Let's TALK about it: Pig rolling in the mud.

Talk therapies:  It’s not about movement, and it’s not about change.  It would not be unusual for a person to see a counselor for YEARS on a particular issue.  To me, that’s absolutely ridiculous.  RIDICULOUS!   Unconscionable, really.  Is it about the money, about milking people for money?  There’s no way in hell change takes years.  It takes minutes.  That’s the firepower of NLP and hypnosis.

And I’m always working to increase my personal firepower!  To increase my arsenal of weaponry.  How?  I am continuously learning more, and becoming more and more skilled, mastering the work of hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, conversational hypnosis, energy work, and more.   It’s a different focus than some hypnotists.

Some of my colleagues spend their money on marketing guys to help artificially pump up their web presence and SEO (Search engine optimization)–one guy pays someone else who is not even a hypnotist to write his blog and the posts are insipid!–you know where I spend my money?  On learning, on live trainings with the best of the best!  To become better at the work I do.  To me that’s massively more important and I believe leads to true and legitimate success.  My arsenal is knowledge and skill, not fluff and puff.

Another hypnotist friend of mine (and he’s wonderful and I love him) tells clients:  “it will require at least three sessions and possibly six before results start to show.”

Frankly, that’s not good enough for me.  No way.  I expect some level of positive results to show after a single session with me, and complete success on any specific issue in at MOST four sessions.  What happens though, is that an array of issues are interlinked (for example confidence and self esteem and weight loss), and all of that is sorted through in around four sessions.

One of my clients yesterday used this phrase describing his desire to quit smoking NOW:  He wanted  “One and Done!”  It’s not always possible to complete the work in a single session depending on the person and his situation, but in his case, we did that for him.  “One and Done!”  Many of my clients experience this!

Am I better than my friend who takes up to six sessions for a change to appear?  Apparently I’m more skilled.  And I know what makes the difference.  It’s the NLP.  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (my specialty) is what makes the difference.  It has been called “hypnosis on steroids.”  It’s faster than traditional hypnosis.  More powerful.  It’s the BIG GUNS in my arsenal for your strategic change.

I enjoy being a military strategist.  Every day is different, and every person is different, and I get to use my creativity and fire off the big guns.  Yay!  Take that smoking!  Blam!  Take that, overweight!  Blam!  Take that, fear!  Blam!  A talk therapist will not take the stronghold.  A hypnotist reading a script at you will not take the stronghold.  I can.  Let’s do it.

Warm Regards,

Connie Brannan, Master Hypnosis & Licensed Trainer of NLP

Connie Brannan, Master Hypnotist & Licensed Trainer of NLP

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New Office!

Hi, Hypno Friends.

Some people like new and exciting adventures, and some people like familiarity in events–lucky for me, I like both.  I’m getting both.

Heavy on the “new” actually.  I got some new trainings under my belt.  Florida.  July.  FANTASTIC experience.    The sameness was experiencing again my favorite teacher, Dr. Richard Bandler.  And also new but not so exciting, my primary/business computer crashed a week or two ago.  Died.  At least it was quick, no suffering.  Dead as a doornail.  I’m still reconstructing the missing data since my last system backup in June.  So, I have a new computer.  Which is a good new!  🙂 Fancy.  A TERRABYTE of space.  I remember 65 megabyte computer hard drives.  This is better.

I also have a new office.  Best “new” of all.   Like my computer, it’s also more space than before!  It’s a beautiful, larger, quieter, more private space.  Absolutely perfect.  I’m going to plaster pics and announcements of the “new digs” on the website proper when I get my programs back re-installed to do so.  It’s not quite all set up yet, or “dolled up” as my grandmother would say, but it’s lookin’ good!

Here are a few pics:


I'm in Alderwood #103

I'm in Alderwood #103

It’s in the Bellefield Office Park right off of I405 on exit 12.  It’s a giant wetlands/greenbelt area, with 15 buildings or so on the property.  WOODSY.  I’m in the Alderwood Building.  #103.

I’m so excited!  The clients who’ve been in within the past couple days since we’ve been re-open for business all say:  VERY NICE!  It is.  🙂

The sameness here is a lot of my same touches:  my art, my desk, my books, my trance chair, my certificates on the wall, my plant.  I bought a plant at my last other world job before I had this joy filled career, and it was a tiny thing.  Now it’s huge, and has been repotted several times.  Just like me, it’s growing–in a good way.

Warm Regards,

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Candy Hallucinations…or, it’s all licorice!

Hi, Hypno-Friends.

I’m my own guinea pig. 🙂 And that’s a good thing. I work on myself (hypnotically and NLP Nelp-notically) all the time to improve my life! And Michael works with me, too. I have a cute story from yesterday to share!

We were out and about on a Sunday running errands, and we ended up in a little arcade of shops that includes a candy store. One of those colorful “every-kind-of candy-you-can-imagine” in bulk bins stores. PLUS, it was also an ice cream shoppe and coffee shop. Not that I was drawn through any particular URGE into the candy store, but I thought: it’s a good time to test my responses. To chocolate, to sugar, to CANDY! So, I went in!

Now, you have to know my history a little. Candy was MY THING. All my life. Candy Connie. We’re talking addictive behavior. It was the focus of much of my life, pretty much. Eating it, finding it, buying it, hoarding it, making it, too. Having it around made me feel safe. But mostly, my focus was buying it and eating it. I think I learned that from my mom–she had candy every day of her life. It was always around. And I ate it every day, too. Too much of it. As a kid, Halloween was my favorite holiday. Candy!!! Yay!!! As an adult and bargain hunter, Halloween was still my favorite holiday, especially the day after Halloween and also the day after Valentine’s and other “chocolate holidays.” Half price candy! I was delirious with joy! 🙂

I remember those days, but I no longer feel the pull. Of sugar. Hypnosis is wonderful for focusing your mind on healthy choices, and I’ve been doing it for 3-4 years now. I don’t eat candy at all. And I don’t think about it–in general. But here was this candy store, so I thought: “Let’s go test!”

I went inside the store and looked around, and also looked INside me to see how I was feeling. The main question: “Did I want any? Did the candy look appealing to me? Was there a temptation to buy any?” No, no, and no. But here’s the funny thing. All these bins, all these choices, and the only thing I could notice were the candies I don’t like. The ones I’ve NEVER liked. Like root beer flavor (yuck!) gummies, like LICORICE. Black licorice. Hate it!!! I wouldn’t eat that in a million years–even before during my heydey of sugar abandon. Sweet-tart legos. Also yick. My mind was sorting for “yick,” and nothing looked good.

Suddenly, in my imagination, everything was licorice. Those horrid bins of black licorice “all sorts.” That’s what I saw, that’s what I felt (I would never eat that), and then I left the store. Somehow, all the nice, fancy chocolates never caught my eye or attention. The ice cream–didn’t notice it. It was a store full of black licorice all sorts. “Let me OUT of here!!”

A naturally occurring hypnotic phenomenon is hallucination. Both positive hallucinations (seeing something that isn’t there) and negative hallucinations (not seeing something that IS there.) I was having negative hallucinations. Standing in that candy store, I didn’t see anything appealing. It was kind of cool and kind of weird at the same time. This was never something directly suggested to me (the candy I used to like is invisible) but it seems to be how my new healthy eating focus is manifesting here. I like it!

One more quick story, similar in nature. I was in Las Vegas assisting with a conversational hypnosis training a couple months ago. I brought in some bags of M&M’s for the group. Giant bags containing many mini bags–those little treat size bags of M&M’s–like you get at Halloween! 🙂 Anyway, apparently they were tempting one of my friends there, named Kerry. His downfall: peanut M&M’s. He asked me to do some hypnosis and NLP with him to help him with the candy and sugar cravings. I did. He also reported a very interesting hallucination effect. Weirder even than mine! He told me that next morning he literally DID NOT SEE the packages of M&M’s on the table. He could see the fabric of the tablecloth underneath, kind of buckled and wrinkled like something was on it, but didn’t see the candy. He was freaked! And admiring. And happy. So, he didn’t eat any. You don’t eat what you don’t see.

The upshot of all this: when you choose healthy eating, your unconscious mind “makes it so.” Like Jean Luc Picard on the bridge of the Starship Enterprise. “Make it so!!” My unconscious mind was sure doing it in a very fascinating and creative way. Yes, if all candy was black licorice, I wouldn’t touch it. And I don’t. 🙂 Feelin’ good, still losing weight here.

Warm Regards, and Happy February!

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