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New Office!

Hi, Hypno Friends.

Some people like new and exciting adventures, and some people like familiarity in events–lucky for me, I like both.  I’m getting both.

Heavy on the “new” actually.  I got some new trainings under my belt.  Florida.  July.  FANTASTIC experience.    The sameness was experiencing again my favorite teacher, Dr. Richard Bandler.  And also new but not so exciting, my primary/business computer crashed a week or two ago.  Died.  At least it was quick, no suffering.  Dead as a doornail.  I’m still reconstructing the missing data since my last system backup in June.  So, I have a new computer.  Which is a good new!  🙂 Fancy.  A TERRABYTE of space.  I remember 65 megabyte computer hard drives.  This is better.

I also have a new office.  Best “new” of all.   Like my computer, it’s also more space than before!  It’s a beautiful, larger, quieter, more private space.  Absolutely perfect.  I’m going to plaster pics and announcements of the “new digs” on the website proper when I get my programs back re-installed to do so.  It’s not quite all set up yet, or “dolled up” as my grandmother would say, but it’s lookin’ good!

Here are a few pics:


I'm in Alderwood #103
I'm in Alderwood #103

It’s in the Bellefield Office Park right off of I405 on exit 12.  It’s a giant wetlands/greenbelt area, with 15 buildings or so on the property.  WOODSY.  I’m in the Alderwood Building.  #103.

I’m so excited!  The clients who’ve been in within the past couple days since we’ve been re-open for business all say:  VERY NICE!  It is.  🙂

The sameness here is a lot of my same touches:  my art, my desk, my books, my trance chair, my certificates on the wall, my plant.  I bought a plant at my last other world job before I had this joy filled career, and it was a tiny thing.  Now it’s huge, and has been repotted several times.  Just like me, it’s growing–in a good way.

Warm Regards,