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Negative Health Effects of Obesity in the News Again

Hypnosis helps with overweight.
Hypnosis helps with overweight.

Who’s following this story?  It’s the New Jersey Governor and his public outcry over a Doctor’s suggestion that a lighter weight is healthier.  He had pulled out a donut on the Letterman show and joked about his weight.

This story is interesting to me. Here is another person with “fat denial.” He thinks he’s healthy.  Obese and healthy are mutually incompatible. I’m on the side of the doctor with this one. This reminds me of another recent news article about a 420 pound lady who was proud of her 85 inch hips and thought it was marvelous.

The physician wasn’t making comments on this man’s character traits or lifestyle, she was making comments on the dangers and negative consequences of obesity.  She was also commenting on the danger of taking heaviness lightly.  As she says:  “It’s not a laughing matter.”

I don’t go in for political discussions, however I feel like saying: some people might approve of politicians in power keeling over any moment. I don’t support that as a good idea, or politicians who take unneeded health risks.

Christie talks about his lifelong struggle to lose weight.  What if it weren’t a struggle?  What if there were a way to make it easy and natural to get healthy?

Before and After Hypnosis
Before and After Hypnosis

There is.  It’s called “hypnosis.”  I know whereof I speak!  I know how to lose weight, and if people would notice what hypnosis can do for this issue, they’d see it’s not the “struggle” they think it is.  Check out the picture.  This is me and me.  I’ve maintained a healthier weight for years now.

If you’d like to end your personal struggle with weight and find an easier way, that feels comfortable and natural (no surgeries or drugs involved), click here: or call me.

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