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Fear is Gone and the Extra Pounds are Going.

Hi, Hypno-Friends.

Hypnosis is good for so many things, here’s an abbreviated list:

  • agoraphobia
  • anxiety/anxiety state
  • confidence boosting
  • depression
  • embarrassment
  • emotional pain/guilt
  • exam nerves
  • fear of flying
  • insomnia
  • interview nerves
  • migraine
  • motivation
  • memory and learning
  • nail and finger biting
  • nervous problems
  • nightmares
  • panic state, panic attacks
  • pain control
  • performance anxiety
  • phobias (all kinds)
  • public speaking
  • relationship problems
  • shyness
  • smoking
  • social anxiety
  • sports performance
  • stage fright
  • stress and related problems
  • weight loss

Sometimes a client will ask for my help with more than one issue.  One nice thing about how easy change is, it builds on itself.  Change one thing for the better and other positive changes begin rolling.  Here is a testimonial/business review I received today:

“I cannot thank Connie enough for the amazing Life Changing experience! I have sufferred from both a fear of heights and an ongoing, 50 year weight management problem. I have paid thousands of dollars to “talk” therapists, and emerged with some idea of why I had these problems, but NO idea of how to utilize that knowledge. In 3 sessions with Connie, who was extremely sensitive to my issues, I can now proudly say “Bring on your heights” and I have been losing between 15 and 20 effortless, happy pounds a month. My Life has totally changed for the better. Folks don’t even recognize me from the back! She is a REAL LIVE miracle worker. GG”


I love success stories.  Is it time for yours to begin?

Wam Regards,

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Connie Brannan, CHt.