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Spring has Sprung!

New life!
New life!

Happy first week of spring!  I like the heavily transitional seasons best, fall, and spring.  Where things change.  Big time!  We’ve got TREES here in the Pacific Northwest, and that’s terrific.  Boy, did I miss them when I lived elsewhere in the country.  I lived in the desert for years (Arizona), and there was a dearth of trees.  Cactus don’t count!  Coming home to Seattle was such a refreshing and green experience!  Yay, Seattle!  🙂

Fall and spring.  Trees tell the story. Fall is the time of letting go, which the trees manage in abundance and with ease. And now it’s spring!  It is the further development of that process, the healthy fresh new life that comes as a result.  My neighborhood is rich with pink blooming trees right now.  Cherry blossoms, I believe.  Beautiful!  Beautiful!  Beautiful!  Where’s my camera?

If you’re ready for some fresh, healthy new spring in your life, there’s a way to do that!  It’s called…hypnosis.  Let’s grow you something alive and beautiful.  Something happy and bright.  Look around you.  It’s time!

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