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Boots & Chain-store Hypnosis

I was at the mall today, and I found it to be a red letter day to buy red leather boots.  Looking around the mall, I couldn’t help but notice boots upon boots upon boots–my reticular activating system was set on the boot channel, it seems.  In every store display window, and on the majority of feet marching past, old and young–EVERYONE in Seattle it seems was wearing boots today.  ‘Tis the season.  Shopping, and cold and wet.  BOOTS are the style.  Ankle boots, thigh high, and everything in between.  Fur, leather, rubber, knit.  Mostly black, but a few brights like my red out there.

Bombarded by the boots, I finally said:  “Ok, I’m in!”  The search was on, and I covered a lot of territory.  Shopping can take awhile, but when you find a real and valuable gem, you get to chortle with glee.  Now, the perfect new boots are in the bag.  My new red suede boots are very nice, and extremely well made.  Quality.  I think they’ll stand up to wear and last and look terrific long into the new year, and the next and the next.  It’s important to choose quality.   Cheapo and shoddy mass production don’t cut it. They tend to be ill fitting, cause blisters, and fall apart after walking in snow. You want fine crafted workmanship.  In footwear, and in hypnotists.

I think hypnosis should be as popular as boots.  That would be a GOOD thing for the world, with happier, healthier people running around enjoying life more and more and accomplishing their goals more and more and faster and easier.  That’s the power of hypnosis.  A helping tool deluxe!  When shopping, whether it’s  for shoes or for a hypnotist, and you’re looking for high quality, you’ve got to be alert to avoid weak and inferior product.  Unfortunately, it’s out there, as well.   Impersonal, and unskilled product.

Beware of hypnosis stores, with an eye on the bottom line, not the heart.  In the realm of your mind, you want somebody GOOD, somebody who can really help, with real and extensive training.  Hypnosis is an art, not a “cookie cutter” formula.  You want somebody with creativity  as well as skill.  You want somebody with presence and passion and heart, who’s been around the block and back again, and CARES.  You won’t find all that at the “here, put on these goggles and listen to this tape,  maybe you’ll be hypnotized and maybe not, maybe these suggestions will apply to your situation and maybe not” chain hypnosis store.

When you’re choosing a hypnotist, here are a few things to consider.  How many live, in-person trainings have they completed, and how recently?  What are the certifications earned?  Ask, and verify.  Are they from recognized, reputable schools, or is it Joe in his basement printing out  certs for his 2 hour internet course?  Are they committed to continuing education?  Do they have an explicit code of ethics to share with you?   How many different helping tools have they learned and mastered?   What  professional hypnosis affiliations, national and local, do they belong to?  How long have they been in business as a hypnotherapist?  Are there testimonials of proven success for issues similar to yours?  Do they have a business license?  Are they registered with the State of Washington as a hypnotherapist?  Also very important, trust your own vibe, how do they come across, look and/or sound (on the phone or face to face)–is the emphasis on “squeeze the money” or “I want to help!”?

Mindworks Hypnosis (in other words, me and Michael), we’re the real deal.  Michael and I want to help.  We can and we do.  Call us if you’re serious about improving your life.  The answers to all those questions are on our website:  Our expertise.  Our trainings.  Our successes.  Our passion.  It’s like buying the best boots, the beautiful, well-formed ones that last and fit and bring joy and color to your life.

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