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Thank You, Unconscious Mind! Or…the story of The Lost Costco Rebate/Rewards Check

Are any of you Costco members?  Costco is a wonderful place and Michael and I have been members for years, back from when it used to be called “Price Club.”  It’s a wholesale club, where you can buy things in bulk and at great prices, like industrial sized cans of olives, or 10 pound bags of rice.  Or optical services, or clothing.  Or furniture, or electronics.  Or fine jewelry.

It’s a giant warehouse FULL of good things.  One nice thing about membership is the Reward Gift Certificate that you earn as an Executive Member, it’s 2% rebate on your year’s purchases.

Well, here’s the story.  I forgot about the rebate.  They come yearly attached to the renewal notice, in the mail.  We typically renew our annual membership at the store, so don’t pay undue attention to the paper renewal notices.  I got one a few months back, and tucked it away, figuring “we’ll renew at the store.”  Forgot about it.  Never saw the attached MONEY, the rebate check for our account.

Today, I was shredding a pile of old documents, old paid bills, credit card receipts, drafts of our tax returns, and etc.  I found the Costco bill from 2 years ago.  And the REWARD check was attached.  Yahoooo!  No expiration date, apparently.  Free money!  Free money!  THEN, I remembered that I had seen the current year’s renewal, and I knew that that reward check, also attached, would be even bigger.  We shop at Costco A LOT!!  However, I couldn’t find it.  I thought (using my conscious mind) of every place that envelope could be, and looked.  Nothing.  I wondered if I had shredded it before, or tossed it, without ever seeing the money certificate inside.  Bottom line, I couldn’t find it. 🙁

Then I went to work.  Did my thing.  Didn’t think about it again.  Came home.  And went RIGHT to the spot where I had tucked the Costco renewal notice envelope.    (On a ledge underneath the paper tray on my computer’s printer.)  There it was!  Another rebate check–so now we have two to spend.  You can guess where I’m going tonight: shopping at COSTCO.  We’re talking a few hundred dollars, which is worth remembering and finding.  Who wouldn’t like a few hundred unexpected bucks to spend for the holidays!?

My unconscious mind had percolated on the problem of the lost envelope today while I was doing other things, and then gave me the answer of where to find it this evening.  I didn’t THINK again about looking for it, all of a sudden my hand was reaching under the printer there saying:  “What is this?”   Pulled out the Costco envelope, and found the check.  Amazing.  Powerful.  COOL!  Thank you, Unconscious Mind. I APPRECIATE YOU!! X O

The unconscious mind is wonderful for helping locate lost objects, like this story illustrates.  But it locates so much more–when asked.  It will find resourceful solutions to life’s biggest dilemmas, as well.   All we have to do is ask it in the right way.  That right way is absolutely hypnosis.  Let me talk to your unconscious mind…I’m good at it!  I’ll help you find what you’re looking for.  Because, the knowledge and answer and ability to DO IT is already in you.  You’re amazing.  Powerful.  And cool.  Let me prove it to you.

Warm Regards,

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