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“I don’t believe it!”

I made some different categories of “blog topics” here.  This one is a MUSING!  Not necessarily amusing.  A musing.  🙂

Bellevue College Continuing Education Courses
Bellevue College Continuing Education Courses

I offer adult continuing education courses at Bellevue College, and last night was Part I of my “Building Confidence and Self-Esteem Through Self-Hypnosis” course.  Fun stuff!!  Hands on, minds on, very experiential.  🙂  We had a great turnout of interested parties (except one, story to follow) and they went deeply into hypnotic trance, several times, and got to experience and learn a LOT in a short amount of time.  What is hypnosis, how does the mind work, what is the conscious mind, what is the unconscious mind, what is the truth vs. the myths of hypnosis, how can we use hypnosis to make personal change, what is a well formed goal…and more!  LOTS of good stuff.

We all made and played with pendulums, learning more about the mind-body connection, and about the best language for communication with the unconscious.   My class is heavy on participatory exercises and demos.  Experiences.  You learn more by experiencing trance, than just hearing it described.  Which provides a better understanding, hearing about the taste of a ripe peach, or eating one, riding a bicycle, or reading about balance?  It was a trance-filled evening.  People were “into” it and loving it, and so was I.  One of my goals in the world is promoting hypnosis and making people aware of it’s power and possibility.  And that seemed to be going well…

However, there was one girl in my class who apparently wasn’t listening. Or, listening, but not believing.  Have you ever seen a little kid sticking their fingers in their ears and chanting:  “I don’t hear you, I don’t hear you, I don’t hear you…”  This girl’s attitude was just like that.  She interrupted the course, deep into the lecture to announce:  “I don’t believe it.  Any of it!  I don’t believe in hypnosis.”  She HAD gone into trance, but was denying the experience to herself.  She was challenging me to “prove it” and “convince her” that “hypnosis is real.”  She announced that she really didn’t want to be there, and was just taking the course for a credit.  Convince her?  No can do.  This isn’t about mind control, this is about sharing cool things I know and offering experiences to those that are open to them.  At that moment in time, she wasn’t open to learning.  Nor was I going to direct my energies to changing her.

I don't hear you!
I don't hear you!

I KNOW the power of hypnosis and how it has improved my life a thousand-fold.  And I see and experience daily how it’s helping my clients and students to live more fully and enjoyably, and change in ways they want to change, ways that make sense for their lives.  It’s about expanding the realms of human potential and human excellence.  It’s about accellerated learning.  It’s about connection with the deepest and best parts of ourselves.  How do I communicate that to someone with their fingers stuck in their ears?  I can’t.

If you’re here, reading this blog, your ears are open!  Your mind is open!  And I appreciate that!  I appreciate your openness to learn more.  I hope I can be a good representative for this thing called hypnosis.  I’m still learning, as well.  One thing is deep, deep, deeply true.  I love it!  🙂

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