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It’s cold and flu season (but not for me!)

Hi, guys!  Who watches television?  (Raising my own hand, but only half way.)  🙂  I hardly watch at all any more, because the quality of “what’s on” is going down, down, down, and my time for leisure is going down as well.  That’s a good thing, but that’s also another topic.  This one is:

Dramatic pause.  Negative suggestions.

Watching TV this past week, I can’t help but notice the BOMBARDMENT of ads right now, commercials for cold & flu medicines and paraphernalia.  Here’s the message:  “It’s cold and flu season.”  and that means “You’re going to get sick., you can expect to get sick.”  I also notice that the stores are stocking the aisles with cold and flu medicines and products–prominent and in-your-face, on the end caps and special displays, with alarming banners warning that cold and flu season is here!  Same message:  “It’s time for you to get sick now!  You’re going to get sick now.”  It’s not a warning, per se, it’s a directive!  It’s a negative suggestion.  And our minds seem quite willing to embrace it without question!

Michael has a story he likes.  He was in a work training with a woman.  She told this story:  She knew that every year she would have one bout of illness per cold and flu season, one only.  The reason she’d only have one was because she’d prepare for it, and take massive doses of vitamins.  She knew that she’d only get sick once!  Her vitamins would protect her from further illness!  And yes, it did transpire that she’d only get sick once per winter/season.  BUT…one winter she got so busy and forgot to prepare with her vitamins, didn’t think about it at all.  Guess what?  She didn’t get sick that winter.  Not once.  Not at all.  She forgot to get sick!!

Here’s a personal story about my personal experiences.  This is NOT medical advice, because…I’m not medical.  I’m a hypnotist.  And here’s one positive side effect I enjoy from my hypnosis.  Your mileage may vary.

I don’t get sick, either.  Ever.  Because I’ve decided not to.  I USED to get sick, just like everyone else.  Two major colds a year.  At LEAST two.  Until I discovered hypnosis and how the mind processes ideas and suggestions three+ years ago.  Three years, and I haven’t been sick.  Not a sniffle.  I did have food poisoning for one day (some bad shrimp on a Vegas buffet), but it ended quite quickly.  I don’t get sick because my unconscious mind rejects the idea, and does what it needs to do to make sure I stay well–strengthening my immune system, or whatever it wants to do.  I can happily trust my unconscious to keep me well, and ignore those nitty gritty details as well.  I don’t care how.  I just know it’s in place.  Wellness.  I can hang around sick people, avoid hand sanitizer, ignore those commercials and product displays, no flu shot for me, and stay well.  Three years and counting…

Hypnosis is incredibly powerful.  And our understanding is just a miniscule slice of that giant cake.  There’s so much more to know and learn.  The unconscious mind knows how to keep us healthy.  I talk to the mind in ways it likes, to do just that!

What do you suppose would happen if you decided to stay well this winter?

Warm Regards,

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  1. Great piece, Connie. It’s so important that we all come to a greater understanding of how we are bombarded with suggestions in the waking state on a daily basis, and what the potential effects of those suggestions are. Your article definitely helps illustrate that. Keep up the good work.

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