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Michael, Master of the Mind!

Michael Brannan, Master Hypnotist
Michael Brannan, Master Hypnotist

Yesterday, Michael put on a comedy stage hypnosis show for hypnosis students, enthusiasts, and professionals.  It was FANTASTIC.  We’re talkin’ FUN!  Entertaining, and fascinating!  He’s GOOD!  He had zombies dancing, losing body parts, finding body parts, a girl miscounting her fingers, forgetting her name, remembering her name, forgetting her name, 

 a top secret agent answering her ringing shoe, magic x-ray glasses revealing people in their underwear, and all manner of good clean hypnotic fun. 

I see London I see France...
I see London I see France...
Zombie Walk
Zombie Walk

If you’ve ever seen a stage hypnosis show, it’s an entertainment like no other.  Volunteers are guided to trance and then led to experience all manner of hypnotic phenemona in amusing skits, such as I’ve described above.  Amnesia.  Hallucinations, both positive hallucinations (seeing things that aren’t there, hearing things that aren’t there, smelling things that aren’t there, and so on…) and negative hallucinations (not seeing things that ARE there).  Body catalepsy.  (Inability to move certain muscle groups, such as an arm or the eyes.)  Post hypnotic suggestions.  (Engaging in a behavior outside trance triggered by something communicated during trance.)  Very cool to see AND experience!  It’s performance, it’s art, and ethical performers such as Michael are respectful and never embarass anyone. 

Michael and I have both been trained and certified as Professional Stage Hypnotists.  Stage hypnosis is fun stuff.  It ain’t therapy.  Nor is it intended to be.  As I said, it’s FUN!  Fun that makes people smile and feel good, and laugh.  Why not?

Some hypnotherapists look down on stage hypnosis as frivolous and providing a myth-filled, skewed, and erroneous view of hypnosis as mind control, and some stage hypnotists look down on hypnotherapists as unskilled with no professional standards of training and excellence.  And no business sense.  Both are right, and both are wrong.  Personally, I LOVE stage hypnosis.  It has value.  It has it’s time and its place and its purpose.  Entertainment is a good thing.  As is education.  (Think Mr. Wizard for science!) 

I do both, and I love both, clinical hypnotherapy and stage hypnosis.  No conflict in my mind!  🙂  As I mention in my personal story about my journey to a life and career and joy in hypnosis, stage hypnosis was my first intro.  I believe it is for a lot of people!

Michael, “Master of the Mind,” and I will be putting on more shows in the future.  If you’d like to join in on this unique experience,  keep your eyes on this space and also on  for coming announcements.  If you’d like to arrange a private show for your group or place of business, call us!  We can do that, too!  We’re also in the process of putting together a youtube video of some of the highlights from yesterday.  Also keep your eyes here for that link!

Update:  Here is the video link to a skit involving “amnesia dust.”  🙂

Here’s another video: the walk of the dreaded ZOMBIES!!

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