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Just say “No!” to Spam

Hey, guys!  This is in the nature of an announcement.  Lately, someone is “spoofing” several of my business email addresses.  That means, the email appears to come from me, and has a return address which is mine, but does not originate with me.  So…if you get an email which appears to be from Mindworks Hypnosis or Seattle NLP Training with some intriguing title and you open it and inside is a sexy nurse in low cut top selling VIAGRA—IT’S NOT FROM ME!  Delete!  Delete!  Delete!

By the way!  I can and do help with some sexual dysfunction issues with the work I do, without putting drugs in your body.  I’ve had good success with that, primarily with men, but with women, too–when the cause is emotional/mental and not organic.  Of course the first step in anything like this is consult your medical professional.  If he/she rules out physical causes, suggests that they can’t help you beyond giving you drugs, tells you “it’s all in your mind,” guess what?  I can help.  Of course it’s all in your mind.  The mind controls the body.  It’s simply another pattern of experience running in you, and patterns can be changed.  Easily!  For more info. on that and other services I provide, check out:  Or you can call me for a free consult!  I love to help people get more enjoyment out of life, and intimacy is a huge part of that.

Warm Regards,