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NLP Training – It’s a Live Experience

Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

“Can I learn NLP online?  Can I get certified through your school online?”  I received this question again this morning as I have before, and I thought it worthy of a blog entry to answer publicly.  The short answer is “No.”  More emphatically, “No way, Jose!”  Online courses can teach you about NLP, but not how to do NLP.

What is NLP?  NLP is a kind of hypnosis, a supercharged, accelerated hypnosis.  As I’ve discussed many times, NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming is my number one office tool. It’s what I use at Mindworks Hypnosis and NLP to help create success of all varieties.  It’s what I teach LIVE at my career school, Mindworks NLP.

Here was my answer to the inquiry today, from someone outside the United States:

“Hi! Thanks for reaching out. My school does not offer online certifications. NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming is a skill set that can only be learned hands on in a live modeling/teaching environment. Online courses can teach you ABOUT NLP, but not how to DO NLP. Our certifications are awarded to people we have personally verified have a skill set, people who will be able to do the work–Licensed Practitioner of NLP® and Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP®.

So, my suggestion is: hightail it to a live training.

Not all NLP is created equal, also. Your best bet is to learn through the creator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler or his Licensed Trainers  of NLP® (which I am) through the Society of NLP®. Here’s his website: He has Trainers throughout the world.

If a training is not something you can do right now, read any of Dr. Bandler’s books to learn more. I recommend his “Get the Life you Want.” to get started.

NLP is amazing, fascinating, and incredibly powerful. It’s worth your time and energy and money to learn. It’s a methodology of empowerment.  Good luck to you!

The best NLP learning is a live experience, an experiential process involving forming a multitude of base skills such as calibration, rapport management, hypnotic language, and so much more in addition to the “techniques” themselves.  Live practice and informed feedback is essential in this learning.

If you’d like to learn more about our Washington State Licensed career school, Mindworks NLP, check us out:

Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm), Seattle's best hypnotherapistAll the Best,

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Clinical Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist
Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®
Originator of Designer Feelings®
Originator of Designer Beliefs®
Design Human Engineer™
Persuasion Engineer™
Professional Conversational Hypnotherapist
Managing Partner, Mindworks Hypnosis


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A Cat’s Eye View

NLP Eye Accessing CatHere’s a brief video I created tonight. I call it: “A Cat’s Eye View.”

The eyes have it!  Check out this curious cat as he demonstrates for you the NLP eye accessing cues. Eye movement reveals thought patterns. NLP is a conversational hypnosis that teaches us how to communicate effectively and create change in ourselves and others. Mindworks NLP is a Licensed Private Career School in Washington State and Connie & Michael Brannan are Licensed Trainers of NLP®.

NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming, is a methodology I teach as well as use in my Hypnotherapy practice.  It’s my number one tool, my go to.  NLP is really something super fascinating.  It’s all about the mind and how it works (hence my business name, “Mindworks”) and how we create change.  It’s about effective communications and our mental strategies for success (or failure) for joy (or misery).  We alter the unconscious mind strategies to create more success and more joy.

All the Best,

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A New Course at Bellevue College – NLP for Dating and Relating

NLP for Dating and Relating
NLP for Dating and Relating

Hi, Hypnosis Friends & Enthusiasts!

The work I do and teach in the Seattle area is hypnosis and NLP, Neuro Linguistic Programming — amazing methodologies for personal development and goal getting, goal achievement. Hypnosis and NLP are applicable and wonderful for so many varieties of change — from weight management to phobia fixes, to behavioral changes such as quit smoking and stop fingernail biting, to sports enhancement to improving relationships and communications, and pretty much any activity where your brain is involved.  (ALL!)

In the realm of that last category, relationships and communications, I am offering a new course at Bellevue College this winter quarter.  It’s called:  NLP for Dating and Relating. NLP has been called “hypnosis on steroids.”

Here’s the course description for NLP for Dating and Relating:

Are you interested in dating or improving relationships with those around you? Effective communication can improve any relationship! You will learn how to build rapport and connect with people in the best way possible, both socially and in business contexts. Create states of mind and body in yourself (such as confidence and joy) that lead to effective communications. NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is a methodology of effective communications, both on the conscious and unconscious level. Connie Brannan is a Licensed Trainer of NLP ®.

NLP for Dating and Relating
Item: W9509 Connie Brannan
7:00 PM – 9:00 PM North Campus Room: V1021
Sessions: 1 W Address: 14673 NE 29th Place Bellevue, WA 98007
3/18/2015 – 3/18/2015 Fee: $49.00

What is NLP?  I talk about that here:

The course, a one night, 2-hour adventure, is all about building new states in ourselves that enhance communications, confidence, ease, flow of words, sharp-minded, humor, and so on.  It’s also about understanding rapport (positive connections between people) and how to facilitate rapport.–PHYSICALLY.  And verbally.  It’s fun, cool, stuff. And super powerful.

My goal for the course is that people should walk out the door after the class feeling more empowered and positive, with tools to use for improved communications.  I’d love for you to join me!

The Bellevue College info and sign up link is here.

All the Best,

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Strategies of Success Seattle NLP Training Mindworks NLP is the premiere Licensed Private Vocational School teaching NLP in the Pacific Northwest. NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming is the study of successful strategies and how talented people do what they do. Change your strategies, and change your success. Here we demonstrate a very successful 2-second shirt-folding strategy. Modeling excellence, that’s NLP in action. Learn from two Licensed Trainers of NLP ™, Connie & Michael Brannan.

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How to Find “The Real Deal?” — Always Check Credentials!

Don’t accept empty promises from scam artists – check credentials.

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

From the layman’s point of view, it must be bewildering to check out all the Seattle hypnosis services and Seattle hypnosis schools listed on the internet.  From personal changework sessions to hypnosis and NLP trainings, how do you know what’s real?

How do you know which hypnotists and institutes are legit (meaning registered or licensed with the state to do business) and beyond that, how do you know if they’re successful, if they have any real credentialing and expertise?

Will you be shelling out your hard-earned bucks on an unskilled person or even an outright flimflam artist who can’t help you achieve your goals, will take your money and waste your time, and quash your dreams of change?  You might.  Unfortunately, they’re out there!

To help you find quality, I’ve written an article.  You can find it HERE on my Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP website.  It’s called:  “How do I find the best hypnotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Programming professional to help me?”

This problem (of fakes doing business), is even bigger than I imagined.  Michael and I recently discovered that a Seattle area hypnosis and NLP training school instructor was mis-representing his credentialing.  He claimed to have achieved a prestigious training status, which he had not.  Lies are not O.K.

As a consumer in this world, you’ve got to CHECK.  There are listings of legitimate businesses and credentialing sources that keep up to date databases.  Check with the State Department of Health, to verify a person’s alleged registration as a hypnotist, and check with the Olympia Workforce Board to verify an alleged school’s licensing as a private vocational school.

The liars are using two main gambits:  claiming that their credentialling source is REAL and recognized, when in fact they’ve just awarded it to themselves, via their handy-dandy 4-in-1 printer in their basement.  Gambit two:  falsely claiming to have an affiliation with true respected training schools that set the standard for excellence.  These frauds claim to have earned prestigious credentialing, when in fact they have not attended those trainings schools and have not been awarded credentials through them.

This is what Michael and I found last week in a Seattle area competitor’s NLP “school.”  He claimed to be what we legitimately are:  “Licensed Trainers of NLP” (registered trademark), through Dr. Richard Bandler.  To coin a phrase:  no way in hell has he achieved that.  Legitimate NLP trainers Licensed through Dr. Bandler (the co-originator of NLP) are listed HERE on the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming ™ ‘s website.  Michael and I have worked hard for this credential and skill set, Mindworks NLP is real gold.  Don’t accept fool’s gold.

Legitimate credentiallng proves a level of committment, expense undergone and expertise and mastery attained.  You’ve got to evaluate the truth and legitimacy of any alleged credentials.   To verify, feel free to contact those credentialling boards and bodies directly and ask your questions about the hypnotist or school being considered.  Gullibility is what these flimflam artists hope for, don’t give it to them.  When you receive training from one of these dishonest “instructors” you run the risk of getting neither the skill set nor the legitimate credentialing you wanted.

And, as always, the proof of skill is in the pudding.  Who is actually doing the work, and how well?  Whose students are successful?  Proven success always wins out over fakes and fraud.  Please, protect yourself, and discover the REAL power of these modalities for life change by finding “the real deal.”  Unskilled therapists and trainers are not able to deliver successful results.  Michael and I are the real deal.  🙂

Fraud is out there.  Do your homework.  Verify, verify, verify.

Warm Regards,

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Learn NLP – “Taster” Seminars & Self Hypnosis Workshop

Connie and Michael Brannan of Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP
Connie and Michael Brannan of Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

Michael and I are excited to announce 3 special events we are offering next month. Experience and learn the NLP and hypnosis tools we use and love. We are offering three 1-day hands on seminars:

NLP for Sales and Business Success — Saturday, Sept. 8th

NLP for Personal Development & Life Success — Saturday, Sept. 22nd

Self Hypnosis (the power within) Workshop — Saturday, Sept 29th.

We’d love for you to join us for any and all! The venue is located in Bellevue, Washington. Right now we are offering a very special “Early Bird” price. $49 bucks each full day seminar! Wow!

In our e-newsletter, The Monthly Trance, and on our “blog,” you’ve read about NLP techniques and hypnosis and powerful methods of change. NOW, you have an opportunity to experience this transformational methodology live and in person.
You can sign up with a “buy now” button here:

Special NLP Event – 1 Day Seminar NLP for Sales & Business Success – Saturday 9/8/12

This powerful seminar/workshop will focus on the language of influence, both verbal, and nonverbal, gestures, body language, tonality, physical space, and how language connects with behavior. You’ll learn quick techniques you can use right now, this minute, to enhance your business–and, indeed, your positive persuasive abilities in all aspects of your life.

Special NLP Event – 1 Day Seminar NLP for Personal Change & Success – Saturday 9/22/12

This powerful seminar/workshop focuses on using NLP for self development and life success. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can be described as an amalgam of linguistics and hypnosis, and is based on the study of human excellence. If it weren’t already taken, the slogan for NLP could be: “Be all that you can be.” Yes, you can. We’ll help you, as you learn and experience powerful subconscious communication tools and techniques you can use immediately to increase personal satisfaction, self confidence, influence and power. Eliminate undesirable habits! Program in more useful ones. Control your emotional states and more!

Special Event – 1 Day Seminar Self Hypnosis Workshop – Saturday 9/29/12

You’ll learn incredible subconscious communication tools for personal (& business) success, and pumping up your joy and fulfillment. In this seminar you’ll learn a simple process from A to Z for going into trance and effecting positive changes. These are techniques you can use immediately to change habits, to increase personal satisfaction, self confidence, motivation and more!

Now is the time to find your power!! Learn incredible subconscious communication tools for business and personal success. These workshops are experiential, hands on as well as minds on lectures and demonstrations. Come prepared to “do” hypnosis and/or NLP with us and each other. Whether its for your personal enrichment or to add to your helping toolkit as a practitioner, these events are for you! If you have any questions, please call us!

Connie & Michael
Connie & Michael Brannan, CHts.
Licensed Trainers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ™
Mindworks NLP
Mindworks Hypnosis
(425) 564-8608

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Tell Your Brain: “It’s Over!”

Have you ever stewed over a problem situation, looping negative thoughts again and again in your mind? Maybe it was about family, maybe about work, maybe it was health related. I know we all have those “stew times!!” Some call it worry, or obsessing. I call it unnecessary.

What if a problem that has been looming large in  your mind could be minimized to the point of trivial? What if this problem / situation / icky-ness was absolutely OVER as far as you’re concerned and  didn’t affect you negatively anymore? That would be great, wouldn’t it?

Here’s a super simple (and massively powerful) NLP technique to do just that – to put thoughts of a problem behind you.

When we think about our life, we have a mental construct that’s called a “timeline.” We have NOW. We’re in it. There’s also a sense of past. And a future. These things actually have directionality in our minds. We “see” our life around us in space. For most people I discuss this with, the future is ahead of them, in a direct line moving out into space in front of the body. Tomorrow is close in front, and next week is further out in front, and next year is further out than that, moving along a line stretching from your body out into infinity in front of you. The past is often behind, directly behind us, and similarly, the further back in space behind the body is the further back in time in our minds. PS: Everyone’s different and there’s no right or wrong timeline. MY future is out to my right hand side, and the past goes off to my left.

Sit for a moment and think about your life, and identify your personal sense of time, your timeline.  Got it? Good!

Now, for a moment, focus on the problem you’ve been stewing about, the thing you’d like to STOP giving your mental energy.  Perhaps it’s something outside of your control and there’s no point in generating endless bad feelings about it. Or something that belongs in the past and you haven’t put it there. Yet.

Let’s do that now! Make an image in your mind that represents the “problem.” Any image will do. Whatever pops into your mind’s eye is fine. Now look at that picture, pretend it’s a picture on a canvas or screen. Notice in particular the size of the image and where it seems to loom in space.  Is it right in front of you?  Off to the side?   Close? Far away? Is it life size? Notice what you can notice about the qualities of the picture, size and location.

Now, imagine that the picture begins to change. It’s getting smaller. Smaller, it’s collapsing in on itself, like a resizing in photo-shop. Same image, just smaller. Keep shrinking it. More. Until the picture’s canvas or screen is the size of a postage stamp.  Now, shrink it to half that size! Good! Now, check in with yourself and notice if you feel better in some way about the “problem.”

Next step. Imagine that the tiny picture sprouts wings and the image begins to fly through space, like a moth. And it takes off into the directionality of your past. If that is behind you (your past), see the image moving away from you in space behind you. Further and further behind you.   Until you can’t even see it. Now, the wings fall off and the picture plops down and stays, planted where it fell. Into the past. Where it belongs.

Check in again with yourself, and see if the “problem” feels different to you. Perhaps it’s not even there. A problem is only a problem if you think it is, and this process changes your thinking. Go for it, and discover for yourself how you can reframe your thoughts so quickly and powerfully. You’re amazing beyond your own knowing, and this process is a super easy way to tell your brain: it’s over!

Go for it and let me know your results!

Warm Regards,

PS:  Michael and I have 1-day seminar events coming up in September.  You can learn more ways to use pictures, feelings, sounds, to change your thinking and change your life.  More info is here:


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Updated Events Schedule – Check it out!

Mindworks NLP

Hypnotherapy Certification Program – Discover the “Magic of Hypnosis” – 4 days, October 6 – October 9, 2012.  Info link is here:

Power of Mind Workshops (in Bellevue, WA)
Info link is here:

NLP for Personal Change: September 22, 2012.
NLP for Sales & Business Success: September 8, 2012.
Self Hypnosis for Life Success: September 29, 2012.

Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification Program:
Intensive Format, 8 days straight: October 20 – October 27, 2012
Info link is here:

Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification Program: (open to  Practitioner level or higher students). Intensive Format, 8 days straight:   Next dates to be announced.  Info link is here:

Learn Self Hypnosis with Connie Brannan, CHt.

Connie’s Bellevue College teaching schedule:

A Chance to Trance:  Discover Hypnosis for Goal Acheivement:  August 7, 2012. ($39 through Bellevue College).  Sign up link is here:

Healthy Hypnosis:  Let Go of Weight.  July 17, 2012, and July 24, 2012.  A two-evening course for $89.  Learn Self Hypnosis for weight management.  Sign up link through Bellevue College is here:

Learning is fun, and learning these tools is life-changing.  I hope you’ll check it out!

Warm Regards,

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Learn to Relaaaaax, with Mindworks Hypnosis

Hello, Hypnosis Friends!

Kickin’ back!  Relaxation.  Calm.  Enjoyment.  This is a good thing.  It’s good for the body to take a break from stress.  Hypnosis is the ultimate relaxation maker.

Stress is a killer, we all know that.  High blood pressure, ulcers, twitching, sleep issues, it can manifest in a number of ways.  Stress also leads to unwanted habits…like overeating, like smoking.  Some degree of stress is essential, helps you move through the world and be productive.  Too much stress, immobilizing.  Forgetaboutit.

And you can.  Hypnosis and NLP are amazing tools for stress-busting.  What would it be like if you had an “anchor” for calm?   An instant trigger?   If you could, by thinking a thought, or creating an image in your mind, or touching a place on your hand–notice an immediate and deep calm enter your body?  What if you could easily overwhelm and transform stress out of your body?   Would that be of interest to you?

Stress and calm/relaxed don’t live together.  They’re mutually exclusive.  Your body and mind can’t do both at the same time.  When there is a choice available, they choose calm.  Add a new choice!

I successfully create these relaxation triggers for people every day.  What would it be like to take control of your emotions and feel calm and relaxed anytime you want to?  Work would be a lot easier, wouldn’t it?  Dealing with that boss-from-hell and that annoying coworker would be easier, wouldn’t it?  Seattle traffic would be a lot easier to bear, wouldn’t it?  Relationships would improve, wouldn’t they?  When family members try to push your buttons, you push your own.  Ahhhhhhhh!  Calm flows.  Stress related habits would vanish, wouldn’t they?

Learn more here:   I’d love to help you with this!  Call me:  (425) 564-8608.

Warm Regards,

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Instant Hypnosis Demo

Hi, Hypno-Friends.

In the training/teaching side of what we do, Michael and I teach other hypnotherapists how to be more successful and effective in helping.  More tools and more flexibility means more positive changes for clients.  Here is a brief clip of Michael teaching a hypnosis class, teaching one variety of what is known as “instant induction.”  It’s an arm pull technique.  Simple to master, and powerfully effective.  Instant trance!

Of course, it’s what you do with someone therapeutically AFTER trance that makes a successful clinical hypnotherapist.  We teach all that as well.  🙂

Sometimes clients seem to think “I can’t be hypnotized.”  Yes, you can.  Everyone can be–by a skilled hypnotist.

Warm Regards,

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Drive Your Own Bus

NLP is the real deal for life change.
NLP is the real deal for life change.

Hi, Hypno-Friends, Enthusiasts, & Interested Parties!

There’s still a few seats available for Michael’s and my “Power of Mind” Workshop we’re offering.  It’s happening this Saturday, July 16.  More info:


It’s a driving school.  Not about motor vehicles.  It’s about LIVES.  Your life! About running your life the way you want.  Taking control.  The King of NLP, and my teacher, Dr. Richard Bandler, calls learning and using NLP “Driving your own bus.”  Yes, I do.  Perhaps, you want to, too! 🙂

This powerful seminar/workshop focuses on using NLP for self development and life success.  NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can be described as an amalgam of linguistics and hypnosis, and is based on the study of human excellence.  If it weren’t already taken, the slogan for NLP could be:  “Be all that you can be.”  Yes, you can.  We’ll help you, as you learn and experience powerful subconscious communication tools and techniques you can use immediately to increase personal satisfaction, self confidence, influence and power.  Eliminate undesirable habits!  Program in more useful ones.  Control your emotional states and more!

It’s not fluff.  It’s not hype.  It’s REAL.  The testimonials on my website (and there are dozens upon dozens) are because I incorporate NLP into my therapy work.  In one of the video testimonials we received, a woman says:  “Everyone should be required to learn this (NLP) at an early age.  It would make the world such a better place.”  I absolutely agree.

If you want in for a one-day workshop showcasing NLP and more about hypnosis in general, too…join us!  Remember that old airline slogan, “We love to fly, and it shows.”  Well, We love NLP, and it shows.

Warm Regards,
Connie & Michael

Michael and Connie Brannan, Master Hypnotists, Licensed Trainers of NLP (tm), Design Human Engineers (tm), and more!
Michael and Connie Brannan, Master Hypnotists, Licensed Trainers of NLP (tm), Design Human Engineers (tm), and more!
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How Would You Rather Feel?

Dad and the fish
Dad and the Fish!

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

I have a photograph of my dad on my desk.  Here it is!  I’m sharing it.  This is my dad the day he caught a fish–and what a fish!– and won a salmon derby in Canada.  That’s a 70+ pound salmon!!  In my mind, it was the happiest moment of his life!

Now, of course I didn’t know my dad his ENTIRE life, I showed up when he was around 30.  But in my mind, it captures the essence of happy.  What do you think?  And, thanks to Kodak, it’s captured forever.  This moment in time.  Framed.  On my desk.  When I see it, I feel happy, too.

Kodak is cool.  Photography, allowing us to capture a moment in time visually, terrific.  Well, we have something inside us that does even more than that.  We have a wonderful ability to not just capture but recreate a moment in time as well.  It’s called “memory.”  And it’s not just visual.  Not just a picture.  It’s got the vibrancy of full-sensory LIFE.  Re-LIVING.  Our memories capture all of it, sensory rich full-bodied experiences, with movement, scent, taste, breath, energy, sound, emotion, thought, etc.  It’s all in there.  Captured in our minds and in our memories.

Guess what?  This is useful!!

Thoughts are attached to feelings.  Memory is attached to all of it.  If my dad were still alive, and I asked him to remember that moment,  that day he caught “the fish” (as it’s known in family lore), he would re-experience all that emotion you see in the picture in his body now.  Just as vividly and richly.  He would “get happy.”  Guess what?  This is useful!  🙂

 Our unconscious minds (accessible more than we know) have stored the experience.  We can capture it again via memory and use it NOW.

One of the things I do for clients is create good feelings and capture them for specific contexts.  In a problem situation, I ask them:  “How would you rather feel?”  We can do that.  Capture and bring those good feelings to where they are useful.  If it’s fear, bring calm.  You can’t have both, fear and calm operating in your body at the same time.  If it’s tension, bring relaxed.  You can’t have both, tense and relaxed at the same time.  If it’s sad, bring some happy.  You can’t be both, sad and happy at the same time.  As the old song goes:  something’s gotta give!  It’s the negative, unwanted feeling which goes.  And the positive, desired feeling which stays.

That’s NLP.  Simple processes which make that happen.  So fast!

And when you change how you feel, you change how you think, and you change what you do.

 Have you ever made soup “from scratch?”  Adding  and blending spices and seasonings, salt, pepper, oregano, what have you, and tasting, adding a little more of this, and tasting, a little more of that, and tasting, until it’s JUST RIGHT.  Alchemy happens, the flavors meld and merge in the pot into something brand new, something perfectly delicious.  Well, we can do the same thing with feelings.  Create new ones.  Good ones.

 I do this with clients!  I’m a master chef and my spices are feelings, and I custom blend new, useful feelings for clients, feelings that advance them in new directions.  We even give these new feelings new names.  I’m often amused with the names my clients create for them.  Two recent examples:  girl’s resourceful new feeling a few days ago was called “Yay, me!” and man’s yesterday was “Quiet confidence with a smile.” I like both of those!!

What’s really useful is bringing these designer, resourceful feelings into life to change things.  That’s NLP.

It’s a simple process and enormously powerful.  To feel good, I mean.

Finding out how to feel good in ways and places you want to feel good is really, really easy.  Call me.

Warm Regards,

Connie Brannan, CHt., Master Hypnotist
Connie Brannan, CHt., Master Hypnotist
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An NLP “Anchor” In Action!

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

This is a VERY cute video.  It’s not just an adorable baby laughing as Dad tears up his job rejection letter…it’s more than that.  It’s an accurate and amazing illustration of ANCHORING.

I talk about anchors, and I use anchors all the time in my work.  It’s an NLP term.  (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a high tech hypnosis.)  In this video, every time the baby hears/sees the paper rip, he immediately laughs uproariously.  EVERY TIME.  Stimulus, response.  Stimulus, response.  Same stimulus, same response.  Over and over and over again.    Simply explained, an anchor is an unconscious association that’s been created, a link-up in the brain.  This means that, this leads to that.  When it rains, I feel sad.  When I see a spider, I recoil in fear.  When I see a stop sign, my foot moves off the gas pedal.  When I smell chocolate brownies, I remember my mother.  Anchors!

Now, laughter is a wonderful thing to anchor.  Keep it!  When a response is less than desired, however, that’s where NLP comes in.  We can change our anchors.  Absolutely easily!  I worked with a gentleman with a debilitating fear of heights this past week.   That fear response, it was simply a learned response, an anchor.  I’m in a high place, and that means PANIC!  (Not anymore, after working with me!  Now it means calm, comfortable, confident, and clear-minded.)  What we do in NLP work, we help people break out of these unconscious patterns and install new anchors, for better and more resourceful responses.

People think they’re stuck.  They’re trapped.  They’re not.  NLP creates anchors, good ones, and replaces the non-useful ones.  I’d be happy to show you how.  As a client: or as a student:

Warm Regards,

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NLP Explained – What is Neuro-Linguistic Programming and how will it help me change my life? (Easily!)

Here’s another video! (I’m just a video makin’ machine today!!) 🙂

To experience life change with this methodology:

To learn this life-changing methodology:

NLP is a conversational, high-tech hypnosis…the most powerful change tool on earth.  It’s also been called “hypnosis on steroids.”  Absolutely.  This is the primary thing which has reshaped by body (minus 75+ pounds) and my life.  Do you think I’d have been comfortable and confident enough before NLP to make a video such as the above and chat to the world?  No way, Jose.  Do you think I’d be running my own businesses?  Perhaps, but I doubt as successfully.

NLP is a set of tools for life success.  This is what sets me above other hypnotherapists’ level of success–my NLP.  There are Practitioners of NLP, there are Master Practitioners of NLP, and beyond that level of skill, there are Trainers of NLP.   I’m a Licensed Trainer of NLP ™.  And, when you come to my office, what you’re going to receive is neuro-linguistic hypnotherapy.  In my estimation, the power of this blend and the postive changes achieved through this exceeds anything else I’ve ever heard of or experienced on earth.  I’d love it if you’d let me prove it to you.

Warm Regards,