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Learn NLP – “Taster” Seminars & Self Hypnosis Workshop

Connie and Michael Brannan of Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP
Connie and Michael Brannan of Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

Michael and I are excited to announce 3 special events we are offering next month. Experience and learn the NLP and hypnosis tools we use and love. We are offering three 1-day hands on seminars:

NLP for Sales and Business Success — Saturday, Sept. 8th

NLP for Personal Development & Life Success — Saturday, Sept. 22nd

Self Hypnosis (the power within) Workshop — Saturday, Sept 29th.

We’d love for you to join us for any and all! The venue is located in Bellevue, Washington. Right now we are offering a very special “Early Bird” price. $49 bucks each full day seminar! Wow!

In our e-newsletter, The Monthly Trance, and on our “blog,” you’ve read about NLP techniques and hypnosis and powerful methods of change. NOW, you have an opportunity to experience this transformational methodology live and in person.
You can sign up with a “buy now” button here:

Special NLP Event – 1 Day Seminar NLP for Sales & Business Success – Saturday 9/8/12

This powerful seminar/workshop will focus on the language of influence, both verbal, and nonverbal, gestures, body language, tonality, physical space, and how language connects with behavior. You’ll learn quick techniques you can use right now, this minute, to enhance your business–and, indeed, your positive persuasive abilities in all aspects of your life.

Special NLP Event – 1 Day Seminar NLP for Personal Change & Success – Saturday 9/22/12

This powerful seminar/workshop focuses on using NLP for self development and life success. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) can be described as an amalgam of linguistics and hypnosis, and is based on the study of human excellence. If it weren’t already taken, the slogan for NLP could be: “Be all that you can be.” Yes, you can. We’ll help you, as you learn and experience powerful subconscious communication tools and techniques you can use immediately to increase personal satisfaction, self confidence, influence and power. Eliminate undesirable habits! Program in more useful ones. Control your emotional states and more!

Special Event – 1 Day Seminar Self Hypnosis Workshop – Saturday 9/29/12

You’ll learn incredible subconscious communication tools for personal (& business) success, and pumping up your joy and fulfillment. In this seminar you’ll learn a simple process from A to Z for going into trance and effecting positive changes. These are techniques you can use immediately to change habits, to increase personal satisfaction, self confidence, motivation and more!

Now is the time to find your power!! Learn incredible subconscious communication tools for business and personal success. These workshops are experiential, hands on as well as minds on lectures and demonstrations. Come prepared to “do” hypnosis and/or NLP with us and each other. Whether its for your personal enrichment or to add to your helping toolkit as a practitioner, these events are for you! If you have any questions, please call us!

Connie & Michael
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