How to Find “The Real Deal?” — Always Check Credentials!

Don’t accept empty promises from scam artists – check credentials.

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

From the layman’s point of view, it must be bewildering to check out all the Seattle hypnosis services and Seattle hypnosis schools listed on the internet.  From personal changework sessions to hypnosis and NLP trainings, how do you know what’s real?

How do you know which hypnotists and institutes are legit (meaning registered or licensed with the state to do business) and beyond that, how do you know if they’re successful, if they have any real credentialing and expertise?

Will you be shelling out your hard-earned bucks on an unskilled person or even an outright flimflam artist who can’t help you achieve your goals, will take your money and waste your time, and quash your dreams of change?  You might.  Unfortunately, they’re out there!

To help you find quality, I’ve written an article.  You can find it HERE on my Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP website.  It’s called:  “How do I find the best hypnotherapist and Neuro Linguistic Programming professional to help me?”

This problem (of fakes doing business), is even bigger than I imagined.  Michael and I recently discovered that a Seattle area hypnosis and NLP training school instructor was mis-representing his credentialing.  He claimed to have achieved a prestigious training status, which he had not.  Lies are not O.K.

As a consumer in this world, you’ve got to CHECK.  There are listings of legitimate businesses and credentialing sources that keep up to date databases.  Check with the State Department of Health, to verify a person’s alleged registration as a hypnotist, and check with the Olympia Workforce Board to verify an alleged school’s licensing as a private vocational school.

The liars are using two main gambits:  claiming that their credentialling source is REAL and recognized, when in fact they’ve just awarded it to themselves, via their handy-dandy 4-in-1 printer in their basement.  Gambit two:  falsely claiming to have an affiliation with true respected training schools that set the standard for excellence.  These frauds claim to have earned prestigious credentialing, when in fact they have not attended those trainings schools and have not been awarded credentials through them.

This is what Michael and I found last week in a Seattle area competitor’s NLP “school.”  He claimed to be what we legitimately are:  “Licensed Trainers of NLP” (registered trademark), through Dr. Richard Bandler.  To coin a phrase:  no way in hell has he achieved that.  Legitimate NLP trainers Licensed through Dr. Bandler (the co-originator of NLP) are listed HERE on the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming ™ ‘s website.  Michael and I have worked hard for this credential and skill set, Mindworks NLP is real gold.  Don’t accept fool’s gold.

Legitimate credentiallng proves a level of committment, expense undergone and expertise and mastery attained.  You’ve got to evaluate the truth and legitimacy of any alleged credentials.   To verify, feel free to contact those credentialling boards and bodies directly and ask your questions about the hypnotist or school being considered.  Gullibility is what these flimflam artists hope for, don’t give it to them.  When you receive training from one of these dishonest “instructors” you run the risk of getting neither the skill set nor the legitimate credentialing you wanted.

And, as always, the proof of skill is in the pudding.  Who is actually doing the work, and how well?  Whose students are successful?  Proven success always wins out over fakes and fraud.  Please, protect yourself, and discover the REAL power of these modalities for life change by finding “the real deal.”  Unskilled therapists and trainers are not able to deliver successful results.  Michael and I are the real deal.  🙂

Fraud is out there.  Do your homework.  Verify, verify, verify.

Warm Regards,

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