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Hypnosis for your Best Golf!

Hi, Hypnotic Friends!

It’s springtime!  And you know what that means.  Time to hit the links!  Golf!  Michael and I also offer sports enhancement hypnotherapy.  Who wants the mental edge?

Here’s more information about that service that we have offered and continue to offer.  I’ve created a new website today, hot off the presses:

Hypnosis for your best game!
Hypnosis for your best game!

If you know any golfers out there who want to be good, or better than good, and have more fun enjoying their sport than ever before (or if YOU fit that description) have them call us!  We deliver golfing fun and excellence.  The “zone” is in you, and we can grab it and bottle it for you.  If the mental edge is of interest to you, check out the website.  I’ve worked with athletes of all varieties, from Olympic caliber to hobbyists.  All can get the mental edge and find improvement in their sport.  Athleticism is beautiful.

Warm Regards,

Connie Brannan, Master Hypnotist
Connie Brannan, Master Hypnotist
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Expand the Boundaries of Your Thinking.

Michael and I made a couple new videos tonight.  Here’s one.  I call this a “magic moment.”  It illustrates hypnosis without being about hypnosis.  🙂  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to think outside the box.  Hypnosis allow you the ability to do just that, and create workable solutions to life’s challenges and dilemmas. 

Warm Regards,

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Learn Self Hypnosis @ Bellevue College


Want to sleep with strangers?  Wellll…here’s an opportunity to do just that, in a way that’s both safe and sensible.  In fact, it’s a good thing, a terrific thing.  To be 100% accurate, it’s not sleep, it just looks like it from the outside–it’s HYPNOSIS.  Who wants to learn how to use their own mind to create success?   Me!  Me!  Me!  Me!  Maybe you, too?  🙂

I’m teaching a continuing education course at Bellevue College which begins one week from tonight.  It’s called “Building Confidence & Self Esteem Through Self Hypnosis.”  Here is a pretty inexpensive way to taste and learn hypnosis.  I guide you (the students) to trance, and we set an instant trigger to return to that state.  When YOU want, on YOUR terms, for YOUR purposes.  It’s powerful.  It’s pleasant.  It’s amazing.  Come and learn!  We also learn well-forming goals so that they make sense for your life, and are attainable, truly attainable, and how to talk to the unconscious part of your mind.  Persuasive talk.  So cool!!!

More info. is here:  It’s a total of 6 hours spread over two Monday evenings.  Monday, 1/31 and Monday, 2/7/11.  6:30 pm – 9:30 pm.

Right now, there are a few seats still available.  Bring a friend.  Bring a pillow.  Bring some goals.  This skill, self-hypnosis, can change your life.

Warm Regards,

Connie Brannan, Seattle's best hypnosis. Connie Brannan, CHt.
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What You Didn’t Know About Stage Hypnosis

Michael Brannan, Master Hypnotist & Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm)
Michael Brannan, Master Hypnotist & Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm)

by Guest Blogger, C. Michael Brannan, Master Hypnotist & Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ™.

Stage hypnosis shows have always been an important way to introduce hypnosis to the general public. Many hypnotherapists, if not most, received their first introduction to hypnosis through a stage hypnosis show. Connie herself was first introduced to hypnosis through a stage hypnosis show.

Connie’s initial reaction, like that of many, was “this can’t be real,” and “they’re all plants.”  That reaction is common because most of us are truly unaware of the power and role our unconscious minds play in each and every thing we do. In some cases, stage hypnotism evokes fear!

What’s really going on in a stage hypnosis show? How does what we see in a show relate to hypnotherapy? How does it relate to what we experience in ordinary life? Most people, including most hypnotherapists, haven’t realized yet that every phenomena experienced in hypnosis is experienced by everyone in their ordinary “waking” state!

I went to a hypnosis show yesterday presented as part of World Hypnotism Day (an event sponsored by the National Guild of Hypnotists, Washington State chapter). The response of most of the audience who were not hypnotherapists was one of fascination and interest. And the hypnotic phenomena are truly that.

The hypnotist performed a lot of skits, all displaying the power of the unconscious mind to control our bodies, to enter imaginative realms of fantasy and to access our minds in ways we perhaps didn’t know we could. Stage hypnosis shows are a powerful presentation of the power of the unconscious mind!

In one skit, the hypnotist created amnesia for the number 7, and had the participant then count the number of his fingers. The participant counted..1,2,3,4,5,6,8,9,10,11….have you always had 11 fingers? No, I only have 10 fingers. Anmesia can often be important. What if each time you wanted a cigarette, you simply forgot that you wanted one and continued with whatever you were doing? What if you simply forgot to eat all those unhealthy things that are keeping on those unwanted pounds?

And this experience is something we have in our ordinary life. You know that “tip of the tongue” phenomena? We know something, we know it perfectly, but just can’t get access to it at the moment. Students who study for tests and then “forget” what they learn during the test is common. They haven’t “forgotten” at all; they are just too nervous, anxious or something else to get access to the information. It’s easy to deal with: just give yourself a suggestion to remember, relax, and let your unconscious mind do its work.

xrayglassessmallThe unconscious mind is extraordinarily powerful. It can give or withhold conscious access to information at a mere suggestion. Suggest the number 7 is gone, and, boom, it’s gone. Suggest it’s back, and, boom, it’s back.

The flip side is that the unconscious mind can give access to much more information as well. Suggest to yourself that you will remember more, remember more clearly and you will.  In trance, people can recall vivid details and details thought long forgotten. With hypnosis, you can create states where that vivid recollection comes more quickly and more easily than you ever thought possible. And that can carry into your everyday life, allowing you to learn more, learn faster and remember what you’ve learned here. 

When we say to ourselves things like “I can’t learn,” “I can’t remember” we are sabotaging ourselves. We are giving ourselves a suggestion, we are telling our unconscious minds to fail at learning, and to “forget.” And those suggestions can be just as effective as the hypnostist’s suggestion to “forget” the number 7. The unconscious is a humble servant–it will do what it is asked to do, so ask it to do things you want it to do.


Hi, guys!  Connie here.  Learn more about this fun side of hypnosis here:

As always, we’d love it if you’d sign up for our FREE e-newsletter, “The Monthly Trance.”  Form below!  It comes out (approximately) monthly, and lets you know what’s going on, hypnotically speaking.  For instance, yesterday was our free World Hypnotism Day Event in Bellevue.  The Seattle Times NW weekender publication declared it a “best bet” for the weekend, and yes, it was.  Thank you to all who came out and participated.  We’re so glad you’re getting to know hypnosis.

Warm Regards, Connie

Get Tranced!
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“Get to Know Hypnosis,” More about World Hypnotism Day events this Jan 22nd.

Hi, guys!

As this event nears, the details are becoming more clear.  And I want to share them with YOU!  Because the more you know about hypnosis the more you can begin to realize your own power to have the life you want.  And that’s terrific!!

Here’s the venue.  Bellevue Coast Hotel.  It’s right off of NE 8th Street in Bellevue and the 405 freeway.  EASY to find.  Free parking.  It’s on Saturday, Jan 22.  It’s pretty much an “all-day” event, with a free continental breakfast beginning at 9:30 am and lots of free talks to attend in 3 different rooms (and paid talks if you want to learn more and I mean REALLY learn) and culminating in a free comedy hypnosis show.  Come on down.  See the show or BE the show.  We’re having a professional stage hypnotist from the Portland area come and entertain.  Her name is Debby Taylor, and she’s good!

There will be several free talks, and not just talks.  EXPERIENCES.  A chance to trance.  Get hypnotized by professionals.  For free.  Begin to stimulate your unconscious mind in that way, that leads to positive changes.  In my talk, it’s about healthy suggestions for weight loss.  Hypnotist Cheryl Chamberlain’s free talk will focus on smoking cessation.  Hypnotist Keith Livingston will offer a free self hypnosis training experience.  Michael, my husband, and the President of the organization hosting this event, the NGHWA (National Guild of Hypnotists, Washington State Chapter), will present some cool things you can learn and do right now “The Magic of Instant Change.”  His talk is NLP focused, and NLP is a highly specialized VERY cool high tech hypnosis.  Michael is also presenting a trance experience.  And there are more speakers!  All the info is here:

AND…if you register early (you can also just show up without registering) you get something else.  A free DVD to the first 50 registrants.  It’s jam-packed full of information about hypnosis, written information, audio information, and video.  The DVD includes amazing movie clips of Michael demonstrating hypnotic phenomenon.  He got a girl to “forget” the number 3 and how to count, and also to forget her own NAME!!!!   (Of course, he also returned those memories to her.)  This is real.  The power of the mind is amazing.  Just watch!

I do hope you’ll come and “Get to Know Hypnosis.”  Hypnosis is worth knowing.

Warmest  Regards,

Connie on Dinner Cruise (2)

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Get Tranced!

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Fall into Change

I drove past the Bravern (upscale shopping plaza) the other day and they had a GIANT banner splashed across the top of the building:  “Fall into Fashion.”  Indeed.  Those words are what’s known as “a multi level communication.”  There’s more meaning there than meets the eye, or lights up the thinking part of your mind.  There’s more communication happening, below the surface.  Fall into Fashion.  It’s a time, (fall, as in autumn, as in now!) it’s an activity (falling into), it implies a sense of ease (it’s as easy as falling off a log) it’s a state of being (fashionable), and more.  I also like:  Falling into Fall, which I came across the other day on a magazine cover.  Michael came up with another cool, similar communication appropriate to our business:  Fall into Change.

Fall into change.  Yes!  What if falling into a new lifestyle or new habits was as easy and natural as the changing of the seasons?  As a green leaf turning gold?  As a tree letting go of leaves?   Of the air becoming crisp and clean?   What if change was a natural, and easy process?  Big secret.  It is!

In addition to all my other tools, I use something called “indirect hypnosis.”  Storytelling.  It’s a shortcut to learning, and many cultures keep it alive as a way of keeping the learnings of lifetimes alive.  In hypnosis, I create and weave seemingly unrelated-to-your-issue stories, metaphors, images, sounds, and more which create new understandings in your mind, which helps you learn and change quickly.   And I do an assortment of word play, featuring multi level unconscious communications.  Your mind loves to learn, and does it exquisitely well.  It will take a word, and process every single possible meaning, literal and otherwise.   Multilevel communication.

I was watching a movie on the boob tube last night.  At one point a character is having a life crisis, and runs to her  psychotherapist for direction.  She says:  I know I’ve been coming here 2 times a week for 8 years, but now I need some real help.  Not surprisingly, he does not deliver it, and she ends up solving her own problem.

That is, and is not the hypnotic way.  Solving your own problems, yes.  Taking forever, IF ever, no!  These (hypnosis and NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming) are known as brief therapies, we’re talking minutes to hours, not years–and you do solve your own problems.  The premise of my work is that YOU have inside yourself everything you need to change your life for the better, whether it be changing your weight or changing your habits, or improving yourself in any number of ways.  I use hypnosis to help you tap into the power of YOU!  Fall into your own power.  Fall into change.  I  guide you to the positive resources within and attach them where needed.  When that happens, everything changes!  And it’s as natural as a leaf changing color and falling off a tree.  And as fast.  Hypnosis is not something external to you, it’s a doorway into your own power.

It seems that overnight the trees change, and the ground is covered with crispy piles of leaves.  The air grows cooler.  Autumn has always been my favorite season, long before I began my career as a “changeworker.”  I like change.  Natural, healthy change.  And now is the perfect time, where it’s visible all around us to stimulate our unconscious minds into saying:  “Me, too!  I’m ready, too.  It’s time!”  Fall.  Fall into change.  It’s easy to do, you start by picking up the phone and dialing (425) 564-8608 and asking for me, Connie.  I’ll guide you as you Fall into Change.  Positive changes, healthy changes, fun changes, happy changes.  The time is now.  Let’s do it!

Warm Regards,

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Wanna be HYPNOTIZED? (At Bellevue College.)

connie Purple Hoodie
Connie Brannan, Design Human Engineer (tm) and NLP Hypnotherapist.

Hi, Guys!  It’s that time again, I’m offering a couple courses for spring quarter at Bellevue College.  Self hypnosis!  Techniques for training your mind, and changing your life.  I share my secrets to enhancing confidence & self esteem and another course on weight loss!

And not only that, you get to LEARN the how-to and EXPERIENCE the power of trance for yourself.   Hypnosis.   It’s very, very cool. And it’s for everyone.  Even you!

These are sure to be smoking exciting classes.  Experiential.  C’mon down and get hypnotized.   A mere $89 for 2 evenings of training, a total of 6 hours. I teach self hypnosis to my clients one on one as well, but there, you’d pay a heck of a lot more. This is a DEAL not to be missed. If you’ve ever wondered about hypnosis, hop onto this extraordinary opportunity.

More about the courses:

Healthy Hypnosis: Let Go of Weight 
Imagine yourself in your “skinny jeans.” Hear the compliments of your family and friends. Like what you see when you look in the mirror! Feel the energy! The hypnosis skills taught in this workshop can help you unleash the infinite power within you to achieve all this! You’ll learn to reprogram your own mind to act in ways you desire: healthy choices, healthy eating, motivation to exercise. It won’t be a struggle, and it’s not a “diet,” it’s simply doing what you want to do. Your mind and your body will be working together–for your health!!

Building Confidence and Self-Esteem Through Self-Hypnosis
Do you fear public speaking, presentations, or approaching an attractive member of the opposite sex? Do you have an overall feeling of low self-esteem? Learn how to feel confident, comfortable and competent with a high level of self-esteem through self-hypnosis. Success is just a trance away! This experiential workshop is conducted by Connie Brannan, CHt, Design Human Engineer ™, Persuasion Engineer ™, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Professional Conversational Hypnotherapist and Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ™.

I’d love for you to learn this–as it’s something worth experiencing and worth knowing, and worth sharing!

Warm Regards,