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Stage Hypnosis – That’s Entertainment!

How many of you have ever seen a stage hypnosis show?  Did you wonder (as I did my first time experiencing hypnosis, which happened to be while watching a hypnosis show at the Puyallup Fair):  “What IS this???”  It’s called “stage hypnosis.”  It’s a show, or demonstration, for entertainment purposes, of the power of the human mind.  It’s fun.  Laughs.  Humor.  Amusement.  Amazement.  Did you ask yourself (as I did):  “Is it REAL??”

Yes!  It’s real!  These participants in the hypnosis are actually experiencing new realities.   For example, these new realities may involve differences in sensation.  As a hypnotic subject in a stage show, you may feel hot while imagining a warm beach, even though the room may be perfectly comfortable temperature.  You may experience differences in reality, like speaking a foreign language you have never learned.  Even Martian!  Differences in other sense experiences of the world, an onion may taste like an apple.  Differences in your identity.  You may begin singing and dancing believing yourself to be Elvis Presley.  What IS this?  It’s a freedom of expression and inner creativity.  In some cases, simply a license to act goofy.  How is the hypnotist MAKING the people do that?  They’re not.  The participants want to–they are volunteers!  It’s NOT mind control.

What does this have to do with hypnotherapy—the application of hypnosis to achieve positive changes in behavior and feeling and thinking?  It’s the same power of the mind.  The same power of the mind to create new realities.  Only, the changes are desired and useful, not silly, and good hypnotherapists make them stick.  Hypnosis.  It’s a GOOD thing!

Michael and I were in Las Vegas this past weekend, and we went to a stage hypnosis show.  And we enjoyed it!  The ones in Vegas tend to be adult humor, the ones you might see at the fair are family-oriented humor.  We love stage hypnosis.  In fact, we’ve both been trained professionally in stage hypnosis, as well as our other trainings.  In fact, we’ve both performed stage hypnosis–birthday parties and the like.  An understanding of the mind is useful, and all new information gathered is useful.  Learning stage hypnosis has made me a better hypnotist, adding to my skill set.

Some people think stage hypnosis is “bad” or less valuable.  Nope!!  Not at all.  It’s for a different purpose.  Laughter.  And it meets that well.  That’s entertainment!

Hypnotherapy is for life change.  Your positive changes in behaviors, thoughts, feelings to improve your quality and experience of your time on planet earth.  Stage hypnosis and hypnotherapy:  same animal, different saddle.

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