Positive Transformations With Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy

Life is Good!

It’s February!  Yay!  And I’m of a musing mind.  Here’s a story:

Another client reports to me that she has said “adios” to her years upon years long counselor after working with me a few sessions. Now, I’m not saying that talk therapist counselors are inept, wrong-minded and wrap people deeper and deeper into their problems, with an endless quest for “why,”…obviously my client is feeling so much more empowered and happy in her life that she simply doesn’t feel the need to go sit and whine about problems anymore. She agreed with my plan: get rid of them instead!

Everything about this girl has changed, and it’s so beautiful to see. She came in hiding under a hood, so filled with anxiety and fear and paranoia in her life, face twitching and chewing her lip, insomnia, jealousy … She looks different now, her hair, her makeup, her clothes, her posture, her tonality (confident!!), her face is smooth and beautiful, she smiles, she reports that she is sleeping “better than she ever has,” she’s glowing, says this has impacted her kids, they’re laughing and smiling and enjoying life more, too. That’s what a little creative NLP/hypnosis will do for you. It’s been less than a month since I began working with her.

I often notice that the people with the quote unquote “biggest problems” are the ones to have the easiest, most dramatic transformation. They’ve hypnotized themselves into having problems, and we re-direct all that creative power in a new direction, one that feels better and leads to achieving their goals instead. I love what I do!!!!!!!!!!!!

A new client was paying me yesterday and made a semi-snarky comment about how getting the money must be my favorite part. No way. You’re mistaking me for some other Seattle area hypnotist(s). The above description of a positive transformation is my favorite part. That’s why I do this.

Warm Regards,

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