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Your Brain Before Sleep — That’s Hypnosis, Seattle!

I found this pic on Social Media today.  This cartoon talks about “forgetting,” and I believe that idea as presented is not the whole story.   There is no forgetting.  Let me tell you more about the unconscious mind, how it works, and the power of unconscious ideas to actually “do change.”  I’m going to share what I know to be true with you, Seattle, about hypnosis, my passion!

Even if the conscious (thinking, awake) mind doesn’t remember these “amazing ideas,”  the ideas are still in THERE, and working inside the unconscious (creative, intuitive, power) mind.  They’re active.  They’re not “lost.”  They are beyond conscious awareness, and that’s where they are most potent and useful.  Unconscious ideas move us, to be and do different actions in the world.

This should not be an “Oh, well, disappointment” cartoon, it should be a “Hell, yes, and YAY!!!! Isn’t that terrific?” cartoon.  And when the unconscious mind thinks it is useful, you DO remember consciously.

Here is more information about hypnosis, Seattle!  Yes, those moments before sleep are a hypnotic state of mind.  Myriads of tests have been done to understand and label brainwave patterns, and those moments before sleep are an identical brainwave pattern to hypnosis, called Theta waves.  Every night as you’re falling asleep, you pass through hypnosis.  And every morning when you awake from sleep,  you pass through hypnosis.  This is not some otherworldly unknown, this is our life.  Hypnosis is natural, and we do it everyday.

Here, I have a chart of brainwave patterns, and explanation.  The hypnotic state of mind is between analytical, conscious thinking (Beta) and deep unconscious sleep (Delta).  It’s a natural state in which we drift in and out of throughout each day.


Those creative thoughts, keep them coming, brain. Consciously or unconsciously.  Those moments before sleep are a power state of mind, and the unconscious will take those creative ideas and fly with them and create changes in the life that are wonderful. Who cares what the conscious mind remembers?

Here’s to your positive changes, Seattle!

Warm Regards,