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Confidence in a Bottle – Setting an NLP Anchor

NLP control panel of the mind.
Take control of confidence.  Because you can.

Hi, Mind-Powerful!

Are you ready for a new tool?  One of the key pieces of NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming is “anchoring.”  It’s about making connections in the mind that empower us.  Our mood, our actions.  How would you like to have a way to bring confidence into any project or thinking, on demand?  You can.  I’ve made this video to guide you through the process, step by step:

It can be as simple as that.  One memory, one touch.  Or you can get fancy and blend new feelings together.  How about confident and energized?  How about confident and creative?  You’ve had moments in your life of any and all good feelings.  Find them and follow these steps as the video lays out.  You can layer more than one feeling in the same touch–and create what we call in NLP parlance “a stacked anchor.”  I invite you to play with this.  Confidence changes everything.

Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm), Seattle's best hypnotherapistAll the Best,

Connie Brannan, CHt.
Clinical Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapist
Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®
Originator of Designer Feelings®
Originator of Designer Beliefs®
Design Human Engineer™
Persuasion Engineer™
Professional Conversational Hypnotherapist
Managing Partner, Mindworks Hypnosis

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An Extra Piece of Chicken

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

I’ve added another article that I’ve written to our Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP website.  I invite you to check it out, and several other articles I’ve written and share there.  I explain some of the unique tools and processes I utilize in my work for greater client success levels. Because, as we all know, the proof of a service well done is in the pudding.  It’s in my client successes out in the world after going for it with me in my Bellevue hypnosis clinic.  Here’s the article:

Feel Great and Choose New Behaviors.Many years ago, when I worked as an Office Manager for a building services company, I had a great boss.  He taught me a lot about successful business including the concept:  “give them an extra piece of chicken.”  Give your clients more than they expect, give them something above and beyond the services they’ve contracted for.  In addition to office cleaning, he might offer to shampoo carpet for the suite, or have the exterior windows cleaned at no additional charge.

An extra piece of chicken.  I have built that idea into my Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy clinical work as well.  I give clients something extra, beyond what they came if for.  I give them a gift called:   self control.  Or, in other words, control of self.  Control of state of mind and body, control of your responses, control of your experience of LIFE!  I call it:  The keys to the Kingdom.

If you can control how you feel, you control how you will respond and interact in any given moment.  If you can control how you feel, you can control the very thoughts that run in your mind.  You begin to think differently about yourself!    You create new, empowered beliefs.  You move from an “I can’t” mentality to an empowered place called Choice.  Rather than a cork bobbing on the emotional life of the sea, you’re at the wheel, driving the powerboat on a course you set.  Full speed ahead!

And I give this power to clients to take home with them beyond our work in the office.  It’s called an “NLP Anchor.”  Using “Designer Feelings™” we create a desired state of mind and body and belief.  It’s unique for the person, purpose and goals at hand, whether it be as an antidote to anxiety, fear, laziness, smoking, overeating, distraction, etc.  We work to automate the changes inside the mind, so they become the automatic new feeling in the contexts under discussion, and the automatic new thinking and new behaviors.

AND we give ongoing self control, as our extra piece of chicken.

lightswitch onWhat is an anchor?  It’s a physiological stimulus-response we set up in the body/mind.  Think:  light switch.  On!  Activated, It quickly brings about the desired and designed feelings into the body.   How cool is that?  And you control this switch.  That mechanism  can be set up as a touch, or a phrase spoken, an image conjured in the mind, a gesture.  I’ve had clients call it “my calm button,” “my confidence trigger,” my “go for it,” a little girl called it “my happy magic finger trick.,”   It’s not magic, it’s one technique among many in NLP.  And it’s amazingly powerful to all who experience it.

Here’s an example:  a person might come in for hypnosis services to address stress eating.  We create the antidote to stress.  Perhaps it’s a feeling blended of calm, confident, and happy.   We automate new unconscious responses that replace stress and replace stress eating.  Goodbye, stress eating, and goodbye to overweight!  Goal met, happy client!

However, this new feeling, this NLP anchor, has a greater utility than just food.  Perhaps there are other times and places where calm, confident and happy might be useful to our hypothetical client.  Perhaps giving a presentation at work.  Great!  Perhaps for golf excellence.  Great!  With the anchor, a person has control.  And can initiate the good feelings, anytime, anywhere.  Power.  Almost every client that leaves my office is given a custom designed anchor and instructions in how to use and activate!

As I said:  the keys to the Kingdom.  This is beyond price.  Because these anchors last forever, with the proper use.  And I explain the proper use.

NLP done right, it’s beyond awesome.  What’s sad about NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming is that so few people understand what it truly is, and how to use it–including people who purport to offer it therapeutically, and even those who teach it.  NLP done poorly from a place of only partial understanding may still have some utility, but not much.

Perhaps it’s like the difference between a genuine diamond and a “faux diamonelle.”   There’s high quality “real deal” product and there’s cheaper, inferior, imitation product.  I offer the real deal, as a Licensed Trainer of NLP® through the Society of NLP® — I’m taught and certifed by the originator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler.

Feeling is believing, and we’ve developed and trademarked the ultimate great “Designer Feelings™ process.” Designer Feelings™ are available only at our hypnosis clinic, Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.  They activate automatically in the contexts desired, and are forevermore available to you as a source of self control.  Call us at (425) 564-8608 and find out more anytime!

All the Best,

All material herein is Copyright © Connie Brannan, CHt. & Licensed Trainer of NLP®, Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP, 2015.

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Hypnosis is as relaxing as Hawaii!
Hypnosis is as relaxing as Hawaii!

Aloha to my hypno-friends!  Michael and I took a rare vacation last week to somewhere I had never been:  Honululu, Hawaii.  Magical.  Lush.  Hypnotic.  Beautiful.  Water, water everywhere!

So relaxing!  Sitting on the beach, feeling the warmth, hearing the waves, just relaxing.  And, also in our case, sitting in a hot tub overlooking the ocean, bubbling away all cares and worries.  Deep relaxation.

You know what’s cool about a vacation?  You are accumulating experiences, wonderful states of mind and body that might be outside your repertoire of day to day hectic life.  And you know what else is cool?  You have continuing access to those experiences any time you want them.  And when you access them (that process has a fancy name:  it’s called memory), you get to live them all over again in your neurology, feel them all over again, in your body.  Relaxed lives in my memory of the hot tub afternoon in Waikiki.  Our minds and bodies are connected, really one cybernetic system.  You think about it, and you feel it.  Automatically.  Naturally.

That is the truth, and it’s also useful.  Because, with NLP and hypnosis, when you have a feeling you enjoy, you can capture it.  Bottle it, as it were.  And uncork that bottle at will, when it’s useful to have that feeling again.

This is called “anchoring,” and it’s the bread and butter of NLP, and hypnosis.  Finding useful states and bringing them into new situations where they help.  Where they change things.  Bringing calm into fear.  Goodbye fear.  Bringing energy into fatigue.  Goodbye fatigue.  Bringing creativity into stuck.  Goodbye stuck.  Bringing motivation into “I’ll do it later.”  Goodbye procrastination.  Bringing happy into depressed.  Goodbye depressed.  Sounds good, does it not?  And it’s SO EASY.  When the therapist has the artistry and skills to do the work well.  I do.

NLP is the real deal for life change.
NLP is the real deal for life change.

If you’re in a funk or stuck or sad or lazy or unmotivated — if you enjoy those states–revel in them!!  If you don’t enjoy those states, change them.  Skilled NLP makes it happen faster than anything else on this planet.  Find out.   Call me.  (425) 564-8608.  I’m Connie and I’m a Licensed Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming ™ and that’s something very special.  There are only 38 Licensed Trainers of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in the entirety of the United States of America, and I’m one and my husband, Michael, is one.  Licensed through the co-originator of NLP, Dr. Richard Bandler.  I’ll change your state for you.   You want a taste of vacation level relaxed?  It’s in you, and we can access and also attach it to that stressful situation.  Goodbye stress.

If you love your stress, enjoy!  If you don’t, take a vacation from it.  Some people take permanent vacations.  It’s called retirement.  If you want to retire your stress and fear, and etc., let’s do it!

Warm Regards,

Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP
Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP
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How Would You Rather Feel?

Dad and the fish
Dad and the Fish!

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

I have a photograph of my dad on my desk.  Here it is!  I’m sharing it.  This is my dad the day he caught a fish–and what a fish!– and won a salmon derby in Canada.  That’s a 70+ pound salmon!!  In my mind, it was the happiest moment of his life!

Now, of course I didn’t know my dad his ENTIRE life, I showed up when he was around 30.  But in my mind, it captures the essence of happy.  What do you think?  And, thanks to Kodak, it’s captured forever.  This moment in time.  Framed.  On my desk.  When I see it, I feel happy, too.

Kodak is cool.  Photography, allowing us to capture a moment in time visually, terrific.  Well, we have something inside us that does even more than that.  We have a wonderful ability to not just capture but recreate a moment in time as well.  It’s called “memory.”  And it’s not just visual.  Not just a picture.  It’s got the vibrancy of full-sensory LIFE.  Re-LIVING.  Our memories capture all of it, sensory rich full-bodied experiences, with movement, scent, taste, breath, energy, sound, emotion, thought, etc.  It’s all in there.  Captured in our minds and in our memories.

Guess what?  This is useful!!

Thoughts are attached to feelings.  Memory is attached to all of it.  If my dad were still alive, and I asked him to remember that moment,  that day he caught “the fish” (as it’s known in family lore), he would re-experience all that emotion you see in the picture in his body now.  Just as vividly and richly.  He would “get happy.”  Guess what?  This is useful!  🙂

 Our unconscious minds (accessible more than we know) have stored the experience.  We can capture it again via memory and use it NOW.

One of the things I do for clients is create good feelings and capture them for specific contexts.  In a problem situation, I ask them:  “How would you rather feel?”  We can do that.  Capture and bring those good feelings to where they are useful.  If it’s fear, bring calm.  You can’t have both, fear and calm operating in your body at the same time.  If it’s tension, bring relaxed.  You can’t have both, tense and relaxed at the same time.  If it’s sad, bring some happy.  You can’t be both, sad and happy at the same time.  As the old song goes:  something’s gotta give!  It’s the negative, unwanted feeling which goes.  And the positive, desired feeling which stays.

That’s NLP.  Simple processes which make that happen.  So fast!

And when you change how you feel, you change how you think, and you change what you do.

 Have you ever made soup “from scratch?”  Adding  and blending spices and seasonings, salt, pepper, oregano, what have you, and tasting, adding a little more of this, and tasting, a little more of that, and tasting, until it’s JUST RIGHT.  Alchemy happens, the flavors meld and merge in the pot into something brand new, something perfectly delicious.  Well, we can do the same thing with feelings.  Create new ones.  Good ones.

 I do this with clients!  I’m a master chef and my spices are feelings, and I custom blend new, useful feelings for clients, feelings that advance them in new directions.  We even give these new feelings new names.  I’m often amused with the names my clients create for them.  Two recent examples:  girl’s resourceful new feeling a few days ago was called “Yay, me!” and man’s yesterday was “Quiet confidence with a smile.” I like both of those!!

What’s really useful is bringing these designer, resourceful feelings into life to change things.  That’s NLP.

It’s a simple process and enormously powerful.  To feel good, I mean.

Finding out how to feel good in ways and places you want to feel good is really, really easy.  Call me.

Warm Regards,

Connie Brannan, CHt., Master Hypnotist
Connie Brannan, CHt., Master Hypnotist
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An NLP “Anchor” In Action!

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

This is a VERY cute video.  It’s not just an adorable baby laughing as Dad tears up his job rejection letter…it’s more than that.  It’s an accurate and amazing illustration of ANCHORING.

I talk about anchors, and I use anchors all the time in my work.  It’s an NLP term.  (Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a high tech hypnosis.)  In this video, every time the baby hears/sees the paper rip, he immediately laughs uproariously.  EVERY TIME.  Stimulus, response.  Stimulus, response.  Same stimulus, same response.  Over and over and over again.    Simply explained, an anchor is an unconscious association that’s been created, a link-up in the brain.  This means that, this leads to that.  When it rains, I feel sad.  When I see a spider, I recoil in fear.  When I see a stop sign, my foot moves off the gas pedal.  When I smell chocolate brownies, I remember my mother.  Anchors!

Now, laughter is a wonderful thing to anchor.  Keep it!  When a response is less than desired, however, that’s where NLP comes in.  We can change our anchors.  Absolutely easily!  I worked with a gentleman with a debilitating fear of heights this past week.   That fear response, it was simply a learned response, an anchor.  I’m in a high place, and that means PANIC!  (Not anymore, after working with me!  Now it means calm, comfortable, confident, and clear-minded.)  What we do in NLP work, we help people break out of these unconscious patterns and install new anchors, for better and more resourceful responses.

People think they’re stuck.  They’re trapped.  They’re not.  NLP creates anchors, good ones, and replaces the non-useful ones.  I’d be happy to show you how.  As a client: or as a student:

Warm Regards,