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Confidence in a Bottle – Setting an NLP Anchor

NLP control panel of the mind.
Take control of confidence.  Because you can.

Hi, Mind-Powerful!

Are you ready for a new tool?  One of the key pieces of NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming is “anchoring.”  It’s about making connections in the mind that empower us.  Our mood, our actions.  How would you like to have a way to bring confidence into any project or thinking, on demand?  You can.  I’ve made this video to guide you through the process, step by step:

It can be as simple as that.  One memory, one touch.  Or you can get fancy and blend new feelings together.  How about confident and energized?  How about confident and creative?  You’ve had moments in your life of any and all good feelings.  Find them and follow these steps as the video lays out.  You can layer more than one feeling in the same touch–and create what we call in NLP parlance “a stacked anchor.”  I invite you to play with this.  Confidence changes everything.

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