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“Connie Saved My Life!” – A Review of Connie Brannan & Mindworks Hypnosis

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Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

The following review made my day!  Another happy client, and one willing to share her success story.  Thanks, JS, the best is yet to come!  Here’s the review:

“Connie saved my life!

And when I say she saved my life, what I literally mean is that she gave me the gift of no longer having to be the person I was any more. She showed me a new path to become the person I wanted to be. She helped me envision a whole new life! And we worked together to put the pieces in place to make that vision a reality. So, in this way, Connie saved me, and I am so very grateful and thrilled to say that in the months and years since working with Connie, the positive changes keep coming!! It’s just amazing – SHE’S amazing!

I found Connie because I was searching for a path out of my own darkness. AND I was looking to fast-track changes, so having heard only a little about hypnosis, it made perfect sense to me to give it a try as therapy had often made me feel heard but never produced lasting change. And I was done talking – I was looking for action.

I’d done enough work to know what I wanted to change when I met with Connie the first time. And I knew “my story” about the experiences in my life that had helped shape who I was. But I didn’t know how to fix it. I lacked skills and tools to meaningfully address any of it in ways that would produce real change. This is where Connie came in: she walked me thorough her process, explained how it all worked, and patiently went at my pace. She is so very kind, gentle and incredibly empathetic!

Every session with Connie has been so much more liberating and validating than even the best therapy sessions I ever had.

From our 1st meeting, I trusted her completely — so I was able to relax and let go. From then on, we worked together to get to the root of issues, articulate exactly what I wanted changed, define how I did want to feel, and worked to get me there. From the time of our 1st session to now, I’m still experiencing changes because she’s taught me how to do some of this work on my own. I cannot say enough great things about Connie, my life-changing experience, and how grateful I am that I found her!”  — JCS