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Empowerment – That’s Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy

A week or two ago I blogged about “Find Your Power” — a directive from my favorite teacher for me.  Here’s a video spot relaying that same message for my clients and future clients.  You have what you need to create positive changes, and it’s in you right now.  Absolutely, YES!  That resource, that power may be buried.  We can unearth it–bring it to the light of day.  We grab it.  We use it.  That’s what hypnosis does!  🙂

I have a favorite expression:  he’s worth his weight in rubies.  Finding your power, well, it’s worth more than that!

Wishing you joy and success and empowerment,

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Are you Ready?

Are you ready?

Another client testimonial.  Michael of Seattle says:  “I lost 4 pounds!  (the first week).  I’m loving it!  I’m eating less, and food tastes better.”

That’s right.  You’ll eat less and enjoy it more.  No “deprivation,” you’ll just be doing what feels right, naturally.

With hypnosis, we install the same unconscious strategies that “naturally slender” people use.  A strategy inside our mind determines our habits, our responses, our behaviors.  Let’s make it a healthy one.

It’s February.  Have your healthy New Year’s Resolutions faltered with sheer “will power.”  Let’s use all of your mind power, and make change easy and accessible.

Call me and I’ll explain more about how it all works.  And work it does!  Magnificently well.  Mindworks Hypnosis– voted Best of Bellevue 2011 for “Weight Loss and Control Program.”  BEST.  That means most effective.  More so than other diet programs out there, other diet clinics, other hypnotists.

Personally, I want the best.  You deserve the best.  Call me.  Connie Brannan @ (425) 564-8608.

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The Extinction of Fear


I’m helping a client who has a phobia:  fear of dinosaurs. That’s a new one!  And it’s also proof positive that these fears are irrational and cannot be solved consciously.  How many dinos is she likely to run into on a daily basis that it should be a continuing terror in her life?

They’re extinct!  Let’s make the fear be extinct.  I know how!  Got to get into the unconscious mind to solve these things! 🙂

Fear can be attached to anything, and can be unattached in a heartbeat.  That’s the power of Neuro Linguistic Programming.  NLP.  I know it’s true!  I’ve lived the difference from fear to calm–I had a phobia that lasted decades.  Spiders.  Panic and hysteria and adrenalin and screaming.  After 15 minutes of NLP performed 5 years ago, “poof!”  No more fear.  I like to give clients proof, known in the trade as “convincers.”  Well, my neurology of fascinated clear-minded CALM while standing next to a spider nowadays, it’s a good convincer for me!

It’s  cool to help people with these things, and I’ve worked with pretty much
everything under the sun.  Or so I  thought.  Dinosaurs is a new one.  Beyond the common fears, fear of public speaking, fear of heights, fear of flying, fear of driving, fear of spiders and snakes, fear of elevators, fear of the dentist, I’ve helped people with fears of overripe bananas, record stores, the wind (seeing movement in trees led to
panic), the color red, bridges, sleep, and more.  But Dinos!  As I said, that’s a new one.
We’ll make short work of that fear!

Fear  can be useful, when it’s appropriate.  Historically,  when the saber toothed tiger showed up at the cave, it was a good response to  run away.  If man had walked the earth at  the same era as dinosaurs, it would have been useful to run away then, too,
only we didn’t.

What  are you afraid of that you don’t need to be afraid of?  I can help.   Call me and I’ll be happy to make your fear extinct!  Connie and Michael @ (425) 564-8608. and

Warm  Regards,