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“Oh, so that’s what you look like!”

CDC says fully vaccinated can ditch the masks.Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

The masks are optional!  Per CDC guidelines yesterday, we are now operating Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP much more as “normal.”  Hypnosis and NLP are communication games, and for effective communication, it’s really best to see each other’s faces, and hear voices clearly, and interact closely.   For 15 months, that’s been difficult.

Michael and I are fully vaccinated, and have been for many weeks.  For anyone who has not been, we encourage it!

Yesterday, the masks were OFF.  Of course, if a client feels more comfortable for now continuing with a mask, we can do that.  But, judging from yesterday’s batch of clients, everyone’s happier to ditch the masks.  One client:  “Oh, so that’s what you look like!”  Another client after the hypnosis interlude (her third session):  “That was different.”  And better.  I was sitting closer, speaking mind to mind.

In NLP we have a saying, “he who is most flexible wins.”  So, whatever makes you comfortable while in our office working with us, we can do that.  We still have the many, many bottles of hand sanitizer to hand out and boxes of masks on hand.


Hope to SEE you soon, and I mean all the nuances of expression and face while we work.

All the Best,