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NLP to the Rescue – An End to A Lifetime of Fear

This is Jennifer. She’s done with fear.

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

Once upon a time, I had a spider phobia. It really was a huge negative thing in my life. It wasn’t JUST the panic attacks seeing a spider, the adrenaline, the heart pounding, screaming, jumping, the fear, it was being on the lookout for spiders 24/7. My husband called it “bug radar,” and let me tell you, I was perpetually on a high level of alert.  I’d scan every room I entered, and any speck or dot, I’d worry:  “Is that a spider?”

Well, 13 years ago, in my very first NLP training, the instructor removed my phobia.  Talk about amazement.  That was me.  And it was a convincer that  NLP is something real and powerful.  I paid a beacoup amount of money for that training, which included hypnosis, NLP, reiki, and I thought to myself:  “Even if it’s a mediocre training, it’s worth the money because it removed my phobia.”  Priceless!

So, fast forward 13 years.  I LOVE helping clients remove fear with NLP, and especially spiders, because I lived that hell for decades.

Here’s the story of Jennifer B, of Seattle, who had a fear of spiders.  Not anymore.  She was so thrilled with the changes after our initial hypnosis and NLP work, that she agreed to share her face and her words:

“So, I came in a week ago to get rid of my extreme anxiety for spiders. Just a major spider phobia. Couldn’t even look at a picture. The thought of spiders, my body would just start freaking out. I just couldn’t deal.

One session, and I’m back a week later to report that I can look at spiders now. I don’t get anxious. I can get them out of my home with a vaccuum. No problem. No screaming. It’s an UNBELIEVABLE difference.

That reduction in anxiety has carried over to things like frustration around traffic. Now, it’s just “No big deal!”

I would never have believed it in a million years. It sounds like it’s impossible, but it totally, totally works! And I am so happy I want to cry. So happy!” — Jennifer B., Seattle, WA

Irrational fear is limiting, debilitating, and useless. I’m thrilled that my tool kit makes such short and easy work of phobia removal.

I’d be happy to help you at any time to remove fear.  Call me and learn more.  My contact information is HERE.  I have a private office in Bellevue offering NLP (an accelerated hypnosis), hypnotherapy, reiki and more.

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