The Yanny Laurel Reframe

Is is Yanny or Is it Laurel

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

Have you heard about this very strange auditory sound bite…the Yanny or Laurel thing?  Absolutely fascinating.  It’s a word, computer voice generated.  But, what word?  Most people listening to this voice generation, hear:  LAUREL.  Fewer, hear: YANNY.  How can that be?  The same sound heard so differently?

Actually, this phenomenon is well known in my world, it’s one of the tenets of NLP:  we create our reality in our own mind.

When I listened to the sound bite the first time, all I could hear is Yanny.  And I’m like:  “Laurel?? What the heck are they talking about?  Michael heard Yanny, too.”  Then, I played with this device:

It’s a toggle switch created by the New York Times, so you can change your perception of what you’re hearing.  With the pointer centered, you’re hearing the original sound.  Do you hear Yanny or Laurel?  Move the toggle left, move it right, and you’re altering the frequencies.  I did this!  And suddenly, Laurel popped!  My brain performed what we call, in NLP parlance, a reframe.  It’s not that (Yanny), it’s THIS! (Laurel).  A new way of seeing, in this case, hearing.

Suddenly, all I could hear in the sound bite was Laurel, Laurel, Laurel.  Yanny was now auditorially invisible to me.

I decided I wanted Yanny back.  So, I played with the toggle some more training my mind to hear either word, based on my intention.  So, now when I listen to the sound bite, I can hear either Laurel or Yanny, on demand.  I amuse myself by listening to the recording and hearing:  Yanny, Laurel, Yanny, Laurel, Yanny, Laurel.  Or, I can hear both together in the same word, overlaid.

We have power.  We have control.  The world is what we make it.

Is that a cookie?  Something delicious, a treat to be enjoyed?  Or, is it a piece of disgusting “no way, Jose!”?  Is that a cigarette, a familiar friend, or is it more like a person who you thought was a friend but you now see is a backstabbing liar who deserves to die a slow, horrible death?  Consistent exercise, is that a chore or a joy?  That spider thing over there, is that a terror or a whatever?  Your coworker, does he make your blood boil in annoyance, or does he make you laugh?  You decide.  We all can decide.  And our behaviors in the world follow our decisions.

Reframing is the power to see things in a new way (or hear).  We can lock those changes in place, and live in a different world.  Or, we can be flexible with them.  That’s called choice.

I remember how pleased I was when I was able to control this dancer.  Is she spinning clockwise or counter clockwise?  Either way, it’s up to me.

Spinning Dancer

I’ve always been fascinated with these phenomena.  Is this an old woman, or a young woman?

The power of mind is amazing.  And this Yanny, Laurel thing is a great example.  Play with the toggle switch tool I shared, and discover that you get to choose whether it’s Yanny or Laurel, just like you get to choose everything else in your world.

Connie Brannan, Licensed Trainer of NLP (tm), Seattle's best hypnotherapistAll the Best,

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