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(Freshly Minted) Hypnotists Speak! Testimonials for the School Side of What We Do

Albert Einstein hypnotistHi, Hypnosis Friends!

Michael and I just finished teaching our 4 day live hypnosis training event, through the school side of our work, Mindworks NLP.   It was a fabulous experience, with lots of fresh minds opened up to the power of words, unconscious creativity and problem-solving ability.  We’ve unleashed newly minted “Certified Hypnotists” for the betterment of the world, and specifically, the Seattle area.

Two of our recent hypnosis students sent us testimonials to our teaching this week. Thought we’d share!  🙂

“Connie and Michael are the best!! They really teach all the important things about hypnosis in a concise and positive way, and give you the tools you need to succeed. They are a pleasure to learn from, and I feel very confident to start my own practice. I can’t thank them enough! Highly recommended!!” – Dawn F., Seattle, WA

“What a grand journey. A mere 4 days, and how very far I have traveled! Studying with Connie and Michael was such a pleasure. Both are fabulous instructors, making learning fun and exciting. And I became a hypnotist! Wow!

Initially just the concept of learning trance induction was overwhelming but, with their combined years of experience and knowledge, technique and practical tips, the Brannans guided me through it all, filling me with confidence along the way. In fact, just one single technique alone made it worth the price of admission for me.

If you have any interest in learning hypnosis, trance induction and accessing the untapped resources of the human mind, Mindworks NLP is definitely the place to be.  Once again, many thanks!” – Jon Komatsu, Seattle, WA

Yay, for new hypnotherapists.  I say, the more the merrier, and yay for more success, joy, and helping in the world.  You might notice a common theme in the comments:  confidence.  We use hypnosis to teach hypnosis, and installing confidence in our students is always on our agenda.  Obviously, we were successful.

If you’re ever of a mind to learn these amazing methodologies of change, hypnosis & NLP, we offer that in addition to one-on-one private sessions of clinical Neuro-Lingustic Hypnotherapy.  Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP is located in Bellevue, WA.  Call us!

Spring is time for hypnosisAll the Best,