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Find Your Power — And She Did

Find your power, with hypnosis.
Find Your Power

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

Coincidences!  Here’s a very interesting story, which I file under “musings.”

We just conducted a 4-day hypnotist training program through the school side of our work, and the students did very well.  Michael and I were watching the final “exams” where the “hypnotist” students conduct a session with  “client” students.

We only award certificates  through our career school if a student has fully mastered the skill set.  They have to demonstrate the ability to hypnotize quickly and easily, effective use of hypnotic language patterns for creative off-the-cuff direct suggestions, and also incorporate an indirect storytelling example in hypnosis to help a client make a transformation from A to B.

This student chose a symbolic hero’s journey for her client.  In trance, the person goes on a journey to a significant, special place.  In this place,  they find something useful and necessary for solving their problem, making the change, answering the question, etc.  That something is a symbol created by the hypnotized person’s mind.  (The premise of this work is that a person knows how to make the changes they desire, they just need the unconscious push to do it.  This work “stimulates” the unconscious mind to create change.)

In the exercise we watched, the girl found her symbol.  (A person can speak in trance, and this is a very unique interactive process, the hero’s journey.)  She found a rock.  A black rock.   A smooth black rock.  What does the rock mean?  Power. .. And so on with the exercise.

Watching this, I got goosebumps.  You see, I have that exact rock.  A black smooth rock which means power.  I bought it in a gift shop in Scottsdale, Arizona last year.   It’s a “spirit stone.”  It’s etched with a symbol of the sun, which represents “power and enlightenment.”

Our hypnotist student did amazingly well, helping her client to achieve fitness goals.  When the client student came out of trance, I handed her the power stone.  I told her  “look what came back with you through time and space.”  I gave her the rock to keep.   The coincidence was just too strong and amazing for me.  I had to give it to her, even though I want my power, too.

So, today, on ebay.  I found the exact spirit stone and I bought another.  Yay.  Because I won’t be going to Scottsdale anytime soon, and I didn’t know where else to find it.  Google to the rescue!

Everyone can find their power.  Real power within themselves.  To take control of life and make choices that lead to success and joy.  Hypnosis is an amazing tool to help.

All the Best,