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Skeptical Transforms into Success

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Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

Because of the myths and misunderstandings of hypnosis floating around in the world, some people are skeptical and don’t really understand it’s power.  Until they do.  The proof is in the pudding.  Always.

M.L.J, of Seattle came into Mindworks Hypnosis for NLP services and hypnotherapy for the purpose of anxiety and stress release, both in the work setting and in her personal relationships.  She was skeptical.  At first.  And yet she was open to go for it.  Now she knows something different, and that difference is success in her goal, the absence of stress.

Here’s her short and sweet report after NLP and hypnosis:

“Although I was skeptical at first it really did help. I haven’t felt stressed at all.” —  M.L.J., Seattle, WA

Think about the power of that change.  “I haven’t felt stressed.  AT ALL.”   Good job, M!

When people are caught up in stress, they don’t see the world or themselves clearly.  I helped another gentleman with anxiety just yesterday in Bellevue, and here is what he told me he noticed immediately afterward.

He commented that not only did he feel different (calm, safe, and confident), the world looked different to him. Literally. Colors brighter, more present in the moment and noticing the things around him more. He said he looked at his face in the mirror and that he looked different to himself, more good looking.

Wow!  That’s success.  Now all he has to do is hold onto those good feelings.  And I gave him a tool to do so and taught him how to use it.  That’s NLP — a supercharged, powerful and quick hypnosis.

If only more people knew the truth about hypnosis.  It’s something so positive and so powerful, and so COOL.  And so helpful.

If you’d like a taste of calm, or confident, or any other blend of good feelings, call us.  We are the creators of Designer Feelings™  We’re happy to help.

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