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Kick the Smoking Habit

Kick the smoking habit, with Mindworks Hypnosis!   Here’s Seattle area people who have done it with my help already:  I QUIT SMOKING!  Lots and lots of happy campers, offering up smoking cessation success testimonials.  Join them, anytime!

Stop smoking now.Call Connie to set up a session, or to claim your free in-office face-to-face consultation:

I don’t do phone consults, if you would like to learn more before starting, I want to meet you! And I want you to meet me!

The truth:  Hypnotists offering phone consults are lazy.  It’s a weak and incomplete way to understand and evaluate a client’s needs.  And I want you to understand in particular the work I do called NLP — it’s a super powerful technology that’s been watered down and misunderstood by other therapists.  I want you to know what NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming REALLY is, and how I use it for your success.

Now, some clients are ready to roll.  And that’s great, too.  Let’s go!

All the Best,

Licensed Trainer of NLP®
Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapist