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How Old Do I Look? Thinner is Younger!

weight age2Hi, My Seattle Area (and beyond) Hypnosis Friends!

In a world obsessed with youthful appearance, here’s more evidence to prove something we’ve all suspected: being overweight makes you look older.  Overweight adds years to your appearance.  And of course, it makes you feel older, slower, and creakier, with less energy.

On Facebook, I found this very cool program from Microsoft, and I immediately started playing with it.   “How Old Do I Look?”  It’s an age old question (pun) filled with appeal.  We all want to know that!

It kind of reminds me of the old carnival barkers who would guess your weight or age, only more scientific!  Here, you plug in any pics of yourself, and the facial recognition algorithms estimate your age.  In Microsoft’s formal lingo:  “Part of Microsoft Project Oxford, Face APIs provide state-of-the-art algorithms to process face images, like face detection with gender and age prediction, recognition, alignment and other application level features.”

In the pictures of me in the video below, one heavier, one thinner, you can see what the age-detecting-robots thought.  Heavier is seen as older!   In truth, in the thinner picture, I’m two years older than the other pic.   The algorithm says:  the same face thinner looks younger!  And I agree!

Ladies (and men) of a certain age are doing whatever they can to keep a young, vibrant, youthful appearance–for better relationships, for business success, for everyday walking around in the world.  They may choose to go under the knife, and get a facelift, or they may color away their gray hair, or they may resort to botox injections to erase lines and wrinkles.

How about a healthy alternative for a youthful face?  Lose weight!   Nothing glows YOUTH like health–and thinner is healthier.

Healthy Eating with Mindworks Hypnosis SeattleI know what you’re thinking.  But, but, but, it’s hard to lose weight.  What if it wasn’t hard? What if there were an easy way to focus your mind and change your body and reclaim your youthful appearance? There is.  It’s called…wait for it…HYPNOSIS!  There are numerous motivations for change.  My clients tell me what they want by way of losing weight, and looking younger is absolutely on the list.

Let’s do it.  The clock is ticking.  Call me and we’ll get started:  (425) 564-8608  Come on out to Bellevue for your free consultation.  I help people lose weight, that’s one of my prime areas of expertise.  You can check out either of my websites for more info: and

Here’s to a healthy, happy, youthful life!

All the Best,