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Does Hypnosis Success Last? Here’s another Seattle Client Testimonial of Years Long Success.

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Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

One of my favorite uses for hypnosis and NLP is helping people end fear.  I know what fear is like, as I had a severe spider phobia for decades myself.  Not anymore.  🙂  NLP took care of that little problem.  I only wish I had known about hypnosis and NLP long, long, ago, and I could have avoided years of discomfort.

So, here’s a question I’m often asked about my Greater Seattle hypnotherapy biz.  1) Does it really work?  Yes!  Check out the testimonials (over 160 at last count) on my webpage HERE!  The next popular question is 2) Does it last?  (It being success!)

The answer, again, is YES!  Here’s more evidence.  I got a lovely follow up note today from a Seattle area hypnosis client that I worked with years ago.  Yes, her success is still in place:

Renee Halley-Hauser, of the Seattle area, posted this on Linkedin:

“I and my daughter in law saw Connie for our fear of flying several years ago. It was a life changing experience. I fly at least once a month, something I would never have been able to do prior to being hypnotized.”

Yay, success!  Once the mind has recognized fear as being unnecessary and inappropriate, and chosen more resourceful feelings such as confidence and calm, why would it ever go back?  It wouldn’t.  It doesn’t.

If you’ve got a fear and would like NOT to have that fear, give me a call.  I’ll meet with you and tell you all about how this amazing methodology called “Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy” works.

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