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Seattle Hypnotherapy – Mindworks Hypnosis

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

Here’s more about the work I do, in video format.  🙂 This video, “Seattle Hypnotherapy – Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP,” tells it like it is:  empowerment.  Here’s what I sell one on one, face to face in the Greater Seattle area: success. Success doing what?  Any goal you might imagine, from quit smoking with hypnosis, to lose weight with hypnosis, to end fear with hypnosis, to more persuasive with hypnosis, to better golf with hypnosis, and so on.

If the mind is involved, NLP Neuro Linguistic Programming and skilled hypnotherapy help you do and feel and be the way you want in the situations you want.  That’s control, and that’s life success.  Get yours anytime.  Find out more:

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