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Fear of Flying Packs Its Bags — Part 2, Another Client Testimonial of Hypnosis Success

Hypnosis  and NLP removes phobias.
You’re free to fly!

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

Here is ANOTHER Seattle area hypnosis client testimonial of success for Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.  Goodbye to fear of flying, goodbye to panic and anxiety.  I just posted one success story about the end to fear of flying on my blog here, and boom!  Here’s another which showed up in my inbox this week.

Kristen Halley had one Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy ™ session with me in May–I offer intensive two hour sessions combining hypnotherapy with NLP.  Here is what she wrote to me about her results from that one session:

“Dear Connie, my flight to Chicago and back was literally the best flight of my life! I cannot thank you enough for the magic you’ve done! I feel so liberated and free! I cannot wait to fly again!”  –Kristen Halley, Greater Seattle Area

When fear leaves, the door to adventure and wonderful, positive experiences opens.  Yay, Kristen!  I’m happy to share her success, as a notice given that irrational fear can be removed. Easily, with the right tools.

All the Best,