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Fear of Flying Flies the Coop – Hypnosis Success to End Phobia

Goodbye to Fear of Flying, with Seattle Area's Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP
Goodbye to Fear of Flying, with Seattle Area’s Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP

Hi, Hypnosis-Friends!

I dropped a friend off at Seattle Tacoma International Airport today, and man, that place is busy! Summertime is traveling time! Here in the Pacific Northwest, we love to fly, and it shows.

Some, however, do not (love to fly). They have fear and panic around it, and that prevents them from the joys of travel.  Fear of flying.  A serious phobia, until hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming quickly gets it gone.  I helped a lady with fear of flying a few weeks ago, and just got an email update from her.  Here is her report of success and positive changes:

“Hi Connie, my husband and I flew from Seattle to Chicago, Chicago to Quebec, and Boston to Seattle – all within 2 weeks. I found that I felt much less stressed so that when we did board the plane I was able to just sit back, relax and enjoy the flight…. All the flights had turbulence and one flight was diverted due to bad weather in the Midwest and I handled the news without any fear or anxiety. Am actually looking forward to flying again soon. Thanks so much!” — Susan Wiseman, Greater Seattle Area

Yay, Susan!  You are now free to discover the world.

When fear is unnecessary, and limiting, we can remove it.  Any irrational fear, from fear of public speaking, to fear of flying, to fear of overripe bananas.  Learn more anytime at and

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