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Change is Easy: Another Video Testimonial of Success for Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP.

Positive Changes, Quick
Positive Changes, Quick

There are so many myths and misunderstandings out and about in the universe.  One that I find particularly WRONG is this:  “change is slow and difficult.”  What if that idea were utter baloney?  What if that were only true for people who don’t have the right tools and training to make change happen fast and easily?

What if it was even worse than mere ignorance keeping people stuck in problem states?  What if the idea “change is difficult” were being actively perpetuated to keep people from living full, successful and empowered lives?  How would drug companies make their billions in profits and how would counselors be able to milk a client for years on end if change were easy?

Change IS easy, with the right tools skillfully wielded.  Neuro-Linguistic Hypnotherapy(tm) is amazingly fast for successful positive changes of all varieties.  Behavioral changes.  Belief changes.  Feeling changes.  Here is another live testimonial of quick success.  Roberta Greenwood of Bellevue, WA had one session with me, and when she came in for her second session a week later, she gave her report:

“I had one session with Connie at Mindworks Hypnosis and what I’ve noticed is I have the ability to make better choices.  I have the ability to NOT go in and buy the cupcakes and the chocolate cake that I normally did.  And I have a belief system that tells me I don’t need that to be happy.   And that is a remarkable change for me.  I’m already feeling the shifts after one session.”

Her words are wonderful, however there is more to her message in her face and voice.  Awe and relief.  Watch:

Yes, one session and noticeable results.  When you’re serious about personal change, you’re not interested in a therapist who will milk you for years.  You want someone like me with a different business model.  My business model is:  be good, be quick, be efficient, help people ASAP to have what they want, and then they will tell their friends and family.  That’s how my business grows.  From success.

Find what works.  Michael and I are Licensed Trainers of NLP ™.  NLP has been rightly called “the magic of instant change.”  When you’re ready for “remarkable change” in your life, like Roberta here, give us a call.

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