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“Almost at my target weight!” – Weight Loss Hypnosis Success Testimonial.

Healthy Eating with Hypnosis
Healthy Eating with Hypnosis

Here is another success testimonial. Seeing a hypnotherapist is a personal matter. Not all of my successful clients want to share their names publicly. Mr. D. R. of Sammamish, Washington, has opted to share his happy results, with initials only.

D. R. says: “Hi Connie, Just thought I would give you an update one month later. At 202, almost at my target weight! I am much more comfortable. I use my self hypnosis nearly every day. Thanks soooo much, you have really helped me.”

Yay, D.R. Good job!

If weight loss and healthy eating are on your New Year’s Resolutions list, why wait? Give me a call at (425) 564-8608 and let’s get started now. Today is a good day to get serious about healthy.

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