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Change is Easy

Time to change.
It's time to change, and change is easy.

I like this picture! It’s the current view out my office window. Green life! The trees are changing.  Look how easily they make radical changes.  Those old leaves used to be attached.  Now the trees have said:  “I’m done with that!”  And whooooosh, they’re gone.

That’s how hypnosis works, too.  A decision is made.  Change happens.  And life gets better.  And when it’s time to do it, you know.  What you might not know is that change is as easy as what you see in this picture.

Trees are my metaphor for life.  I love trees.  It helps that I was born and raised in the Seattle area.  We got trees!!  I lived in Arizona for about a decade, and let me tell you, those cactus and palms were pretty, but can’t compete with our Pacific Northwest TREES.  I’m loving the green.  And the ideas they spark about how change can be fast, easy, and natural.

When you open your mind to new resourcefulness and new choices (that’s what hypnosis does), you’ll see that for yourself.  Call me if you’d like to set up a free in-person consult to learn more about what your life can be, successful, happy, and powerful.  (425) 564-8608.

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