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Self Hypnosis for Ongoing Success — Client Testimonial for Mindworks Hypnosis & NLP

Perfect Sleeping with Hypnosis
Perfect Sleeping is just a trance away!

Hello, Hypno-Friends!

I received another nice testimonial this week.  I taught a lady with insomnia issues how to work with self hypnosis.  She wrote:

“Connie,  I’ve noticed some significant changes. I frequently use the self-hypnosis techniques to fall asleep, and I have been having very restful sleep. I’ve recommended you to my friend.   Best, Deborah C.” —  Greater Seattle area.

That’s right.  Hypnosis works for sleep improvement.  And more!

Have you ever heard this expression:  “Give a man a fish, he has dinner for one night.  Teach a man to fish, and he has the ability to feed himself forever.”  The idea here is the same.  I do lead people through guided hypnotherapy to positive changes one on one in my office in Bellevue.  I ALSO frequently teach clients self hypnosis as a tool for ongoing success and goal achievement.  I love to do this!

Self hypnosis is an amazing tool.  I also teach this methodology at Bellevue College Continuing Education.  We set an instant trigger for trance states and include lessons in goal setting and mind-focusing language.  Next self hypnosis course offering in Bellevue is Fall Quarter, on November 13 & 20.  Bellevue College is updating their website, however the enrollment link for my course should be up soon at:

If you don’t find the details of this online, please give Bellevue College a call directly and they will help get you enrolled.  I do hope you’ll join me.

Warm Regards,