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Fear of Flying Ended with Hypnosis – Seattle Client Testimonial

Goodbye Fear of Flying
Goodbye Fear of Flying

Hi, Hypno-Friends!

I received another happy success email from one of my Seattle area Neuro Linguistic Hypnotherapy clients this week.  We had worked on his fear of flying, using hypnosis and NLP.  Chris Gibson, of Seattle, reports:

“I really enjoy flying now and the freedom that is bringing me. 

I have been very successful since having hypnosis/NLP sessions with you.  In fact, in the past year, I have flown 7 times and am about to take my 8th flight!  I even took a trip to Atlanta and back by myself.  The work I did with you helped tremendously.

Prior to working with you, I had tried several different methods for controlling my fear of flying but none of them seemed to work.  They all seemed like “tricks” or “Band-Aids” and didn’t truly help me to think differently about flying.

During my sessions with you, we went through all of the feelings I wanted to feel on a plane, such as happiness, calm, safety, etc.  Through our sessions you helped to plant those thoughts into my subconscious and, for the first time, it worked!  On my first flight and each subsequent one those “good” feelings now fill my head and the negative ones have been pushed out.  I really wanted to thank you for all of your help.  I feel so much more free now!  P.S.  We are off to Vegas, my third time this year.  🙂  — Chris Gibson, Seattle.

Yay!  Another success story.  Goodbye, fear of flying. This is the best part of my work, hearing how the tools I use help to unlock power and change lives.

Fear is such a ridiculous waste of energy.  When you’re ready to end that, give me and Michael a call.  Our tools are stronger than fear.

Warm Regards,