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There’s Easier Ways to Self Esteem

Change how you feel and the looks come next.
Change how you feel and the looks come next.

Hi, Hypnosis Friends!

I just came across a ridiculous news story on the internet.  A woman with a history of eating disorders and lack of confidence and self esteem decided not to look at herself in the mirror for a year.  As in, NEVER.  Not to put on makeup, not to brush her teeth, not to adjust her skirt.

She avoided seeing her image in the rear view mirror while driving and looked away from plate glass windows and reflective surfaces.

She trusted others to give their opinions of how she looked rather than trust herself.  “Do I have mascara on my nose?”

Her objective?  To feel better about herself.  I find this story extremely sad.  Because there’s such easier and quicker ways to feel good about yourself.  And stay feeling good.  As in a few hours with a skilled and Licensed Neuro Linguistic Programmer.  Rather than endure a year of peculiar-ness (I’ve made up a new word!).  The extremes that people go to to try to feel different are crazy.  If only they knew!

I help people achieve this every day of the week, feeling more confident and boosting self esteem.  It’s so easy, with the right tools.  That’s skilled NLP.  And I help them access these new feelings frequently, when useful, and when they choose to.

One of the actual triggers I install in people is to feel good WHEN they look in the mirror.  Positive self talk happens BECAUSE they are looking in a mirror.  Energy and confidence happens.  Happy happens.  And this good feeling flies in spontaneously and automatically.  I love to do this.

The lady in the mirror story is so extreme, and it’s such an unnecessary waste of time and energy.  It’s like wanting to walk to your neighborhood grocer and hopping a plane to Alaska instead, and then walking back to the grocer from there.

The triggers in this woman for negative thinking are still there, avoidance behavior didn’t change HER or her unconscious patterns.  You change unconscious patterns by getting in there and changing unconscious patterns.  Skilled NLP works gangbusters for that.

One of these days people in general are going to discover the real power of their minds to change:  hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming.  Right now, I’m spreading the word on this success, one client at a time.

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